8 thoughts on “links for 2007-02-26”

  1. Dear Lord, will this movie also be narrated by Bill Paxton?
    Dear James Cameron, you could be makin a sequal to Strange Days or somehthing, I mean, you know?

  2. All praise Paxton. He who truly did die for our sins. If in doubt please consult Aliens, Predator 2, and The Terminator. That could have been us were he not there to die in our place.

  3. How do you consult DNA evidence on Jesus? I mean, I didn’t think there were Jesus bits lying around that you could compare against.

    As for the great Paxton, has the miracle of him turning into a living turd and back (Weird Science) been forgotten?

  4. Well, that about wraps it up for Christianity then.
    Anyone want to join in a class action fraud suit, or should we just head for Rome and start looting the Vatican wholesale?

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