51 Responses to “WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK”

  1. *cry*

  2. i feel sick.

  3. *Shudder* I’m a disturbed person, but that was really fucked. It’s hard enough dealing with the fact that I live in a country being run by George Bush, now I have this nipple sucking weirdness burned into my retinas.

  4. The future.

  5. O, internet, you are a cruel beast. I hope nobody watched to the end. Thankfully it seemed to break my interweb about halfway through.

  6. excuse me, i have to go tear my eyes out now.

  7. You’ve got me.

    I watched it to the end.

    Definitely disturbing.

    Something to pass on to all our Santarchy friends.

  8. at times, i believe you post sensationalist titles for bits that aren’t really that horrendous. at other times, i believe you post such titles to grab attentions for something that’s fucking amazing. this is one of the latter times.

  9. That is the sickest, funniest thing I have seen in ages. How do you even find this.. I am assuming you don’t go googling “titty sucking gay elf” …

  10. You know, I really hope people send you these links… otherwise… you go looking for them? That’s not weird…

  11. My real question is did Santa give his elf that shiner as a reward, or a punishment?

  12. that made me almost stab my monitor with a pair of sheers.

  13. good god!

    what the shit!?!

  14. My god, it’s like a deleted scene from an unrated version of The Shining.

  15. That was love. Pure love.

  16. Naughty. Oh yes.

  17. Scary.

  18. As soon as the shirt started opening, I knew what was going to happen… in all it’s slow-motion glory, I was watching a train-wreck happen and couldn’t peel my bleeding eyes away.

    I’m never getting that time back, and I’m pretty sure this is what my last thoughts will be on before I fall asleep tonight.


  19. bad warren ellis, bad.

  20. At least we now what Santa’s doing for the other 364 nights.

    Of course, if he’s…then what the hell is Mrs S doing?

  21. “My god, it’s like a deleted scene from an unrated version of The Shining.”

    That sums it up.

    Holy fuck.


  23. It only took two comments for someone to bring up G.W. Bush. Bush, while disturbing in his own right, has fuck all to do with the link. I’m impressed.

  24. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

  25. Christ, Ellis!
    I think I’ve just gone sterile…

  26. I found some information on the video.

    It was made by Tom Kuntz; go to http://www.mjz.com/ click on directors, then his name.

  27. Aww yeah XD

  28. what in the name of… HOLY FUCK…what is going on here?
    oh my eyes, oh dear god my eyes…

  29. OK, i’ve watched it a good six or seven times now and it’s just about the greatest thing i’ve ever seen. seriously. i’m sharing with friends and family.

  30. “Of course, if he’s…then what the hell is Mrs S doing?”

    Who do you think films it?

  31. Personally, I loved it.

    Fuck those wimps

  32. I wish I had died two minutes ago.

  33. The domain name “santasm.net” is registered to Tom Kuntz, of Los Angeles. He works for MJZ, a company that makes music videos and TV advertisements. Kuntz reports to Jeff Scruton, senior executive producer of MJZ’s Los Angeles office.

    If anyone has the time to give Kuntz a call tomorrow, please ask him “What the fuck?” for me. He can be reached at (310) 740-2511.

    On the Internet, no one is anonymous.

  34. I feel like something has been put in my head. Installed there. Like the video was a channel for a sort of psychic malware. I’m afraid of what will happen now that I’ve been infected by that twisted mind-blight. I have to go to work tomorrow; I have to sit at my desk and work, with this knocking about in my head.

  35. Purely delicious filth, like a donut that just fell out of your hand onto the street and was quickly snatched up by some half-boy half-dog, thing, yes. Deliciousness.


  36. My inner child just exploded…

  37. “what in the name of fuck is this?”

    …the subject of my next email

  38. that was perfect. I want more.

  39. Oh God,

    I do believe I may know that elf with the blacked eye! If it’s who I think it is, then It’s Ryan “Rusty” Alvarez. I went to high school with him. He played Polonius in our high school production of Hamlet.

    More recently he gained notoriety amongst Buffy the Vampire Slayer nerds as the “Pee-Pee Demon” from the last season of Angel.

  40. Oh my god! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

    That is so hilariously creepy!

    Because I am an insane person, I ran a whois on the domain and called the person who showed up. It’s a short film created for the holidays and more work can be found at http://kuntzmanor.com/

    They’re responsible for a couple Electric 6 music videos, and a lot of commercials (including the ‘HANK’ STarbucks commercial)

    I gave him the address to this site in case he wanted to see the comments.

  41. Jesus! He directed the video for ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ by The Avalanches.

  42. OH MY GOD !! that was to much for one man to handle, I had to pass it on. LMFAO

  43. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d2z46fJu9c

    He also did that. THAT. I know that didn’t air in America. We do not believe in gyrating fruit-laden erections here!

  44. That was just mean. Now I must get rid of this bile in my throat.

  45. The saddest thing about this is that it’s the way the world is going to remember Anna Nicole Smith, it being her last movie.

  46. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! AWESOME! And now I’m going to blow my brains out!

  47. that made me happier than anything i’ve seen in a long, long while.

  48. Damn you Warren Ellis!

  49. Guy on the left looks like Kyle Gass, of Who’s That Other Dude In Tenacious D fame.

  50. You know, this video really only becomes more soul-searing if you imagine the two gentlemen in it acting in a Gilligan’s-Island-recycling movie as the Skipper and Gilligan.

  51. though the fat man looks like kyle gass, i believe he’s actually the subject being painted in a few episodes of let’s paint and exercise tv. i wish i had a youtube link but right now i’m too tired.