Headline Of The Day

February 16th, 2007 | researchmaterial

“Attorneys: Man who gutted cellmate had mental problems”

The man accused of killing his prison cellmate, then gutting him and hanging his intestines from a clothesline in his cell, has a history of brain injuries and untreated mental problems that would have made it difficult for him to think clearly, plot a murder or “resist impulses,” defense attorneys said today.

3 Responses to “Headline Of The Day”

  1. God, I wish it was impossible to me to ‘resist impulses’ and get away with it. I may get banned from Sainsbury’s though…

    Pretty unrelated, but Happy Birthday, Warren (at least so Myspace has led me to believe).

  2. I was going to ask who has impulses that involve gutting people and hanging their intestines from clotheslines, but then I realised that, having real estate agents as clients, I do.

  3. One hell of an impulse, that was. The threat of prison makes me resist my impulses… maybe I should move to Brazil or somewhere and torture people for the government. You can get away with anything when you’re doing it for the good ol’ US of A.