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Flaming Yoko

In the middle of a story about Japanese sex workers that is by turns adolescent and sad, I find the following:

Then came the climax of her stage performance, the routine from she got the stage name “Flaming Yoko”: She would inject a quantity of alcohol into her vagina, part her thighs and spurt the liquid towards a waiting flame.

As a safety measure to spare those in the first row of seats from singed eyebrows and possible first-degree burns, Yoko would request customers to lean back away from the stage. “This is being done in complete defiance of fire regulations,” she would warn them in a verbal disclaimer.

The great ball of fire at the climax of her performance was the source of considerable anticipation, and excited male fans often got into the act, counting down “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” and then, in unison shouting “Fire!” as she let fly, causing an impressively large fireball to burst forth in mid-air.

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