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  1. I can’t find it online but the early Samurai 7 episodes had a plot exposition that was a distressed montage featuring Makoto Kobayashi’s brilliant mecha and warships.

    If you torrent the first episode it’s probably in there.

  2. The song is one of the best songs I’ve heard as well.

    Always loved that opening sequence. The grungry/dirty look’s always appealed to me.

    Explains my last two girlfriends, yes.

  3. This is my first post, cause I need to say something: Ergo proxy is shit. It’s interesting for the first 3~4 episodes and from there is going to garbage bin. The art is extraordinary but the story is retarded. I would preferred this to be a Blade Runner clone, but is not. The end is simply grotesque, but probably at this point no rational person would still watch this pathetic piece of shit.
    Just waste of talent compared or bigger than the waste of talent done for Technolyze or Appleseed.
    The phrase “I’m Ergo Proxy, Ergo of Death” just destroyed all my hopes for a normal life.

  4. Toro: I had exactly the opposite reaction. Ergo Proxy is a lame cyberpunk pastiche for its first few episodes, then proceeds to get weird in interesting and fun ways that the opening episodes didn’t really hint at. I was just about to drop this series when it suddenly got entertaining on me.

  5. Two Episodes in, myself. My reaction so far was that GTIS:SAC was to ergo proxy as Noir was to Madlax, i.e. similar stylistically buyt the latter lacking the former’s dense plotting and characterization.

  6. Serial Experiments
    Subtle and unpretentious, just hinting that things are rather more than a little “off”. Your loss if you don’t watch it.

    The problem I’m having with ergo proxy is the extent to which they wack you over the head with a baseball bat (and not in a good lil’ slugger fashion) to tell you that things are wrong and that a myriad of conspiracies are involved, complete the incessant voice overs from the main character to that effect. The best shows of this type deliberately project an appearance of normality at first followed by small portents progressively leading to an “everything you know is wrong” unraveling. Strangely enough My-Hime seems to be a rather unexpected recent example starting as a rather lighthearted magical girl/fanservice/mecha show and shifting into a kill or be killed tone at the end.

  7. Ergo Proxy will never deliver anything and that’s a fact. There is one word that can be applied to it: POTENTIAL which is a euphemism for failure.
    When the last episode ended, I remained stoned for 10 minutes watching a black screen. I felt emptiness. These things should not happen to often in life.

  8. You know, I actually just bought the first DVD last week and watched it. Wonderful animation, and an interesting idea for a story, but the actual story execution was just awful, and the dialogue was horrendous. (I only watched it subbed, not dubbed, although I can’t imagine that the sub is much better.)

    Still, though, for the quality of the animation, it was worth the money. I always like visual feasts like that.

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