Sam Ford at MIT C3 says:

…the various incarnations of the Flash Gordon hero are kept alive by fans across the world who collect and archive the material surrounding the character. For these fans, the Flash Gordon character and universe is kept alive, even though the character is outside the public mainstream now and even though there is not new Flash Gordon material being produced.

Is that true? No-one’s doing Flash Gordon right now? I had no idea.

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  1. Sci-Fi channel had a teaser of what’s coming up in 2007, mentioning FLASH GORDON along with the new PAINKILLER JANE show, DRESDEN FILES and more BATTLESTAR. Popular rumor is that they’ll do it as a backdoor pilot miniseries, with Stephen Sommers (THE MUMMY) producing, David Livingston (STAR TREK) show-running it, and David Nutter directing the pilot miniseries

    The belief is that Sci-Fi will greenlight a 3 to 4 episode mini-series event that will serve as a back door pilot for the potential new series. So while no show runner has been brought aboard, negotiations are currently taking place with names such as TV vet David Livingston from Star Trek fame being mentioned in inner circles and with David Nutter as the potential director for the pilot mini series.

  2. Sci-Fi Channel is working on something in secret for January or June 2007 susposedly at
    That said announced several months ago that they were working on a brand new version of Flash Gordon however all trace of it on their site has disappeared. They ( did have a full page announcement on the cover of Variety several months back but I have seen no follow up.

  3. Sorry that should say Sci-Fi Channel is working on something in secret for January or June 2008 not 2007. the idea is to have something lighter than BSG which has susposedly been slipping in the ratings.

  4. According to what I could find, there hadn’t been any official Flash Gordon content since about 2003. There had been a Sunday-only strip from 1992 until 2003, according to the Wikipedia site, and I hadn’t seen any major reports on the more recent comic strips. Most of the fan content seemed to be remembering various incarnations of the comic strip over the years. I could stand corrected, though, if there is a current version of the strip since 2003 that I just hadn’t seen info on.

    I didn’t know at all about the Flash Gordon movie planned, though. Great to see that fan interest continues to keep the character vibrant.

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