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A Brief Look At The Year In SF Television

I just want everyone on TORCHWOOD to stop fucking crying.

I’ll watch BATTLESTAR GALACTICA again once I get a written guarantee that Baltar will stop fucking crying.

2006: Year Of The Fucking Crying.

2007: Stop Fucking Crying.

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  1. Baltar does spend WAY too much time weepy.

  2. Boo hoo.

    I agree though. I wish they’d stop crying.

  3. […] Didn’t you hear Warren Ellis? Or me agreeing with him? Enough with the frackin’ crying, already. Baltar, Starbuck, Sam, Dee, and Apollo were all in tears. And enough with the drinking, too. Tears and drunkenness do not character development make. At the end of the ep, the four crossed lovers were in exactly the same boring place they were at the beginning. It is not enough to write “ugh” to convey my frustration and disgust. Imagine me rolling my eyes while doing a disgusted, escalating “ugh” that starts all the way down in my belly. […]

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