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Polonium 210

Italian Mario Scaramella, a contact of dead ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, has tested positive for polonium-210.

The wife of dead ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko has tested positive for polonium-210.

Former Russian acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar became violently ill during a visit to Ireland last week, and his daughter Maria told the BBC that doctors believe he was poisoned.

British intelligence sources increasingly suspect that the former spy, killed by polonium 210, was the victim of a plot involving “rogue elements” within the Russian state, it was reported today. While ruling out any official involvement by Vladimir Putin’s government, investigators believe only those with access to state nuclear laboratories could have mounted such a sophisticated plot. Officials now go so far as to say that the involvement of individuals within the FSB in the affair is “probable”.

Movladi Baysarov, a lieutenant colonel from Chechnya with the federal security service (the FSB, the successor to the KGB), was gunned down in central Moscow two weeks ago.

Polonium 210 is now being sold over the internet for USD $69/dose by infamous UFO prankster Bob Lazar.

This would appear to be the site.

“Misc Radioactive Items”…!

The Wikipedia page on Lazar is a reasonable start.

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  1. I heard that the Italian said that both Litvinenko and the Russian journalist who was killed a couple of months ago were both on a hit list of some sort.

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