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First Japanese Mobile Phone Novel Award

I’m not sure what I like more about this story: that the mobile-phone-serial-novel format stuck in Japan, that the winning work has an incredibly sleazy logline, or that The Japan Mobile Phone Novel Awards received 2,375 entries:

An Osaka woman who wrote of a pure love story between a schoolgirl prostitute and a host club gigolo was Tuesday awarded the grand prize in the first Japan Mobile Phone Novel Awards at a ceremony in the Mainichi’s Tokyo headquarters.

Towa, the pen name of the author, received 1 million yen and the right to publish “Kurianesu,” her story about unlikely love.

Mobile phone novels are written to be read over mobile phones. Towa said she writes on a computer if one is around, but will also make additions to her mobile phone novels on her mobile phone itself.

“Your thumb ends up hurting, though,” she told reporters a news conference following the awards ceremony.

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