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In The Honesty Bar

Just found these lurking on my phone: a couple of shots from drinks with Joss Whedon, Bryan Hitch, Natalie Haynes and Nick Letchfield and his colleague from SFX Magazine. We’re in the “Honesty Bar” of a London hotel.

Here, Joss is clearly trying to blind me under the pretense of setting up lighting for some portraits of us he’s shooting. Despite his Gestapo tactics, I am refusing to tell him how to grow a proper beard like Alan Moore’s. Mr Hitch is the man in glasses on the right, quietly thinking about Bach, white wine and swans.

Joss checks to make sure he’s captured Bryan’s soul in his scary camera, which flings out laser viewfinder shapes like the Predator’s gun. I fear it. Natalie Haynes was camphoning it like me. Bryan’s gone for another gin and tonic, suffering cultural disgust at the amount of electronics in the room and the utter lack of baby grand pianos. The two guys from SFX are already so drunk that they cannot see, and are asking Joss if Buffy would rather fuck Captain Kirk or Captain Picard.*

* this is a lie.

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