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Where I Am On The Internet: September 2006

For those who might be just joining me:

My name’s Warren Ellis. I write comics and graphic novels, among other things. I’ve done quite a lot of them. I have several comics works floating around on the internet for free:

TRANSMETROPOLITAN: “Another Cold Morning.” | FELL: the first story. | JOHN CONSTANTINE, HELLBLAZER: “Shoot.” | SUPERIDOL. And a very early one: LAZARUS CHURCHYARD: “Lucy’s Drowning.”

I’m guest of honour at the Helsinki Comics Festival September 23-24.

These are the places you can find me on the internet. There’s a fair few of them, too:

Bad Signal is my email journal. It’s announcement-only style, which means you only get email from me, not the 10000 readers and counting who are on the list. I use it for thinking out loud. Sometimes you won’t hear from me for a week. Sometimes you’ll hear from me five times a day. Often I will be drunk. Sometimes I will be naked. People on Bad Signal tend to cry a lot. = I add anyone, me. I also abuse the bulletin system terribly. I’m tempted to start a religion there, but Rupert Murdoch would come for me. And nobody needs that. In any way. = where I store my photos. My friends-and-contacts list there is usually full of interesting stuff, as I know many mentally ill lovely people.

I run an online community. THE ENGINE is devoted to comics (and music and other stuff). = my daily reading list.

I don’t use IM. I can most easily be found on warrene @

— W

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