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links for 2006-09-17


  1. Damien Damien

    I’m glad to see people are starting to shake the fucking haze of of their heads and realise that we (Americans) are stiffling everything we claim to be fighting for. A unique brand of doublethink that makes me wonder how many schools still require 1984 as summer reading.

    Now that I’ve made the Orwell reference, I’d like to say: HAH! Take THAT, FCC! Suck it. Suck it dry.

  2. As a Canadian who’s used to hearing the word “shit” on the radio without controversy, I find the American obsession with pretending that swearing is deviant to be strange, and more than a little creepy. They have issues.

  3. Damien Damien

    It’s not about the swearing (well it is, but that’s ansilary), so much as it’s about the general ownership of the word “indecent,” or “obscene.” The more the current control of the FCC has the definition, the more things like swearing, and nudity are taboo, while graphic violence gets an easier pass. As sick as that may seem.

    Hippies are to blame.

  4. So far, So far are really good!!
    thanks for the link!

  5. Ferry Ferry

    The only people the FCC represents these days are a tiny minority of the population

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