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Whedon Runs Away

Because I like to give encouragement and publicity to new young comicsmakers, I thought I’d mention here that Joss Whedon is taking over the writing of breakout Marvel title RUNAWAYS, originally conceived and written by ageing veteran and Hollywood monkey Brian K Vaughan. Best of luck, lad.

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  1. NO shit!
    Is you allowed to divuluge such amazing knowledge?
    NEat-o compleat-o!

  2. From reading Y, Ex Machina and Runaways (ESPECIALLY Runaways), I always thought that BKVs dialogue was very reminiscent of Whedon’s.

    But it looks like I’m wrong… must be the other way around…

  3. Whedon’s a nub, I only read writers who can hide their body of work within their facial hair, natch.

  4. Whedon is Bearded, isn’t he? All good writers are Bearded and/or British.

  5. As much as I’m a drooling fanboy for Whedon’s work, I was tempted to post something snarky here… then I remembered Joss himself might very well reply to it. So I will simply say hurray!

  6. carolyn carolyn

    I would say “yay!” because I love Whedon. But, I really didn’t care for Runaways. Well, let’s hope for the best, and see that he turns in a good direction. Best of luck.

  7. Ah, so the flattery game is indeed afoot.

  8. Eli Green Eli Green

    Does Whedon have pictures of you playing Anal Ring Toss, Warren? Seriously, what’s the catch?

  9. What disappointingly spiteful shitbags you fanmen are.

  10. Ben Ben

    I’m happy to see Whedon doing more comic work, I’m a fan of almost everything of his I’ve read/seen. He’s one of a few writers that I’ll toss my money at for books without a second thought

  11. m0r1arty m0r1arty

    Cool, this is one for the books. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this pans out – Nice piece o’ info there, cheers Warren.


  12. Could be interesting. Go easy on the angst, Joss.

  13. SavageX SavageX

    So wait, you guys arent procrastinating anymore? ;)

  14. Letícia Lopes Letícia Lopes

    Awn, Brian Vaugh was ahat made that book special. He has a gift in writing teen dialogues.
    (I don’t care that Whedon wrote a rubish teen series with fake vampires in it. I like my teenagers sounding a bit more like the people I teach to).

  15. Joss Whedon Joss Whedon

    “The people I teach to”? Not English, I trust…?

  16. Michael Climek Michael Climek

    Haha. Joss Whedon pwned! Leticia.

    =Yeah man, i’ll buy anything you write. Astonishing X-men kicks ass. I’ll try out Runaways no problemo.

  17. Wilkinson, Mark H Wilkinson, Mark H

    Indeed, Mr Whedon managed to diss the English of a Brazilian. I’m in awe.

  18. Chris Angelucci Chris Angelucci

    Does this mean that it will be going bimonthly (or longer)? No slight to Joss. I love his work.

  19. I love Runaways, I love love BKV, and I pretty much adore Joss, so this is interesting news – not completely good or bad… We’ll have to wait and see what he can do.

    Whedon better not fuck this up!

  20. andrew andrew

    sigh. now i remember why i didn’t mind that warren didn’t have open comments on this site.

  21. I can’t wait, Joss is probably the ONLY writer I could be comfortable with taking over Runaways. Heinberg better not leave YA anytime soon!

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