Whedon Runs Away

Because I like to give encouragement and publicity to new young comicsmakers, I thought I’d mention here that Joss Whedon is taking over the writing of breakout Marvel title RUNAWAYS, originally conceived and written by ageing veteran and Hollywood monkey Brian K Vaughan. Best of luck, lad.

21 thoughts on “Whedon Runs Away”

  1. From reading Y, Ex Machina and Runaways (ESPECIALLY Runaways), I always thought that BKVs dialogue was very reminiscent of Whedon’s.

    But it looks like I’m wrong… must be the other way around…

  2. As much as I’m a drooling fanboy for Whedon’s work, I was tempted to post something snarky here… then I remembered Joss himself might very well reply to it. So I will simply say hurray!

  3. I would say “yay!” because I love Whedon. But, I really didn’t care for Runaways. Well, let’s hope for the best, and see that he turns in a good direction. Best of luck.

  4. I’m happy to see Whedon doing more comic work, I’m a fan of almost everything of his I’ve read/seen. He’s one of a few writers that I’ll toss my money at for books without a second thought

  5. Awn, Brian Vaugh was ahat made that book special. He has a gift in writing teen dialogues.
    (I don’t care that Whedon wrote a rubish teen series with fake vampires in it. I like my teenagers sounding a bit more like the people I teach to).

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