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Second Life Sketches

For those who regularly visit my spot on Second Life, Integral Castle at Rogla (174, 120, 124) : well, you might want to go and take a look today.  Because I just told a builder by the SL name of Vox Nouvelle that she can start rebuilding and pulling the place apart.  She’s the one who constructed the floating/spinning conference space hanging over the castle right now, which I intend to use sometime in the next few weeks.

So take a look at the area now, because it may not look the same by the weekend.  And, thank god, it also won’t look the way it did the morning I found a welcoming sculpture in front of the place:


The Giant Cock Of Welcome


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  1. Wilkinson, Mark H Wilkinson, Mark H

    I do love to see an enormous cock on my desktop of an evening. Though, generally, I prefer it if it’s mine.

  2. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    when bodymod goes bad

  3. trotsky trotsky

    That’s hot.

  4. Y’know, when the builder said there’d been a huge cock-up at the site, I thought…

  5. audiorape audiorape

    Mwuahaha. That was me.

    One day, it shall spunk stoats.

  6. Art Grafunkel Art Grafunkel

    Vox did good with the pinwheel, and she’ll do good with your new place.

    And thanks for shoving that Stargate back in my folder.

  7. Yeah, sorry about that, Art — we needed the prims.

  8. fogbat fogbat

    I’m pretty sure I saw that later on – it’s some sort of “cockbike” vehicle.

    That’s one thing that Snowcrash got wrong. Second Life seems mainly to contain sex-related stuff. Or perhaps that’s just the area you chose to settle in.

  9. audiorape audiorape

    It’s not a vehicle, unless someone’s made something very similar to it. That was its first outing in public.

    I was going to make it into a full costume, but for some reason decided against it.

  10. fogbat fogbat

    There must be some sort of parallel evolution going on – an almost identically shaped, identically coloured cockbike was sitting around in the same area :D

  11. lore lok lore lok

    The spinning conference table is a little unsettling to the people sitting around what would be Mr. Ellis. It looks fantastic from his position and will no doubt boost his ego ten fold (with his virtual minions swirling around him), but it was starting to nauseate me after a few minutes. Maybe it is too fast at the moment?

  12. Ahh, I see you’re enjoying all Second Life has to offer.

    I can’t help but observe that at least when it comes to virtual reality, the future seems to be shaping up the way fiction predicted.

  13. Oz Spade Oz Spade

    If it makes you feel any better I don’t think anyone can claim to be a part of Second Life until they’ve had atleast one experience with a giant cock.

  14. Art Grafunkel Art Grafunkel

    “Yeah, sorry about that, Art — we needed the prims.”

    No worries.

    Funny fact: yesterday morning I was thinking about a name for the first pinwheel (just to make it easier for myself: no real pizzaz in “spinning/floating conference space”) , and thought about The Gear (confr. the Engine logo), but then… the pinwheel didn’t look anything like a gear.

    So yesterday evening I check out the castle and Vox shows me the new spinning/floating conference space… shaped like a gear.

    IdeaSpace anyone?

  15. It’s like the pink penis is about to penetrate your castle.

    And Lore Lok is right, the conference space spins too fast.

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