Here’s (a terrible scan done by Comics Continuum of) the cover to the forthcoming NEXTWAVE #11.


If you don't read current Marvel you won't get the joke


18 thoughts on “NEXTWAVE #11”

  1. I was going to make some sort of comment about how I actually want to see the Nextwave team involved in that civil war thing (what’s that about? Is Captain America trying to free the slaves again? I thought we covered that.), but there was a picture of Bara on the screen and I can no longer think, just stare in a manner that is probably entirely too creepy.

  2. I have waited all my life for this comic. Okay, actually, I have waited for this cover ever since they started that whole “Civil War” nonsense.
    Good to see someone finally bowed to the tremendous pressure of snarky internet smartasses We won’t make the corporate masters regret this like that “Snakes on a Plane” thing.

  3. There’s nothing Marvel can do that nextwave can’t kick in the face and get away clean. (How brilliant will it be if sales have a Tie-In-style jump with this issue?)

    Now, if it just said ‘Civil What?’ instead of ‘Civil War?’ (like I’ve seen on one of those banners), the cover would be perfect.

  4. How many people will buy this issue just to protest against fan-exploiting company wide crossovers? Won’t that minor surge in sales necessarily include it into the Civil War profist push? It’s all gone a bit structuralist and boss-eyed…

  5. I love this series.
    I’ve always been a fan of hero-team comics, but this is the best thing ever. Seeing this lot cross-over and beat up some other Marvel Heros would be great!


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