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Well, if everything’s going right, then this email, sent from the pub, should post right into warrenelliscom. My lovely Ariana (and now we’ll see how this parses HTML, ha ha) basically hit a few programs with a big stick until a moblogging solution came together. Later in the week, I’ll get her to write down how she did it, as a guide to others trying to get moblogging to work in WordPress. The basis is a plug-in called Postie. Interestingly to me, Postie also understands 3gp video files sent from phones.
I have a feeling this is going to have some weird line breaks. I’ll try the other email program on the Treo later. Consider this a test.

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  1. Well, that seems to have gone well.

  2. i for one would love info on getting moblogging going on wordpress. i’m way in over my head with cronjobs and whassurnames, and maybe i could get motivated enough to update to 2.1 or whichever version is the current one.

  3. I hit my wordpress with a big stick last night repeatedly and couldn’t get WP to post via email. So knowing what she did to get this to work would make me very happy. I know if I could post by email I’d post a hell of alot more often.

  4. Congratulations, easy when you know who. Psotie accepts a number of magic spells to delay posts, put posts in different categories, rotate images, enable/disable comments and other handy stuff so it’s worth checking out the documentation to see if there’s anything you could use.

    Ariana has put a tutorial up on silversmoke so if you make with the click on her name in the post it will take you there.

  5. Nick Schneider Nick Schneider

    So does that mean we can expect some video posts featuring such fascinating live action events as; warren sitting at the pub on a laptop, Or warren sitting at home on a desktop…naked, Or Warren chasing small children off of his front lawn with a cane…naked?

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