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  1. I picture Captain Kirk:

    “Croooooooooooonnn! Crooooooooooooonnn!”

    (…with that vengeful stare on his puffy face…)

  2. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    Here I am thinking “Crom” and Warren waving a sword at his computer.

  3. Hannah Hannah

    Damn the whiskey… I cannot type…

  4. peter peter

    I think (Kirk) got the mad cow disease from some borg that raped him…

  5. Mattastic Mattastic

    # I am geek, watch me drink
    0 17 * * * echo “Whiskey, please.” >/dev/bartender
    10,20,30,40,50 17 * * * echo “More whiskey, please.” >/dev/bartender

  6. Allan Allan

    I need a button: I WAS REPLACED BY A CRON JOB

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