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links for 2006-08-27

  • “A couple left my first show and said, “We’re coming back for your next one.” I’m trying to write a whole new hour in fifteen minutes. Or maybe I could just poison them.”
    (tags: people)
  • The Scythian warrior was found in June at a height of 2,600 meters (8,500 feet) in the Altay Mountains in an intact burial mound or kurgan; if global warming trends continue, in 20 to 30 years there will be no more ice kurgans.
    (tags: history eco)
  • Law also includes a list of acts that it defines as obscene, including certain sex acts as well as sex toys. Raised after Georgia’s obscenity law found unconstitutional, forcing local governments to operate without one unless passing an obscenity law of their own.
    (tags: sex pol)
  • “You could imagine using this stuff as an emergency spray on soldiers injured by shell blasts or on burns victims. It could provide immediate protection for the wound and stop infections spreading.”
    (tags: med)
  • As we yawn and open our eyes in the morning, the brain stem sends little puffs of nitric oxide to another part of the brain, the thalamus, which then directs it elsewhere. Like a computer booting up its operating system…
    (tags: med neuro)
  • Skeletons found at an unearthed site in Mexico show Aztecs captured, ritually sacrificed and partially ate several hundred people traveling with invading Spanish forces in 1520. Experts say the discovery proves some Aztecs did resist the conquistadors.
    (tags: history)
  • “The urge to be sitting in the front row at (the Hugo sf book) awards ceremony — even though I know I’m not going to win one this time round — is to me much as the eternal search for brains must feel to a zombie.” His ACCELERANDO changed sf and no-one noticed. Bah.
    (tags: people sf)
  • A single track for download, “Put The Knife Down,” is Sheffield electronic music that seems to straddle about 25 years’ worth of local music history in four minutes. Stoned by time. Found via
    (tags: mp3)

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  1. Damien Damien

    Sometimes it’s a crying shame living in this state. So much fucked up shit happens, here, with things like “obsecenity” and “Sodomy” laws. Things get stricken from the books, and then snuck back in again…


  2. Andy Andy

    Yeah, GA’s pretty screwy about this shit.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure someone with the patience and $$$ could test-case the part about the sex acts right off the books.

    …also, can I casually mention that the article about the law is TOTALLY UNINFORMATIVE.

  3. Alex Roston Alex Roston

    I agree totally on the Charlie Stross thing. The man get screwed.


  4. great links, thanks :)

  5. Tony Heugh Tony Heugh

    I just cursed you for adding Accelerando to the list of wallet draining things, then realised that it’s online, for free, legally.

    Thanks, Warren.

    Bugger, I may have to buy one, this man deserves my money.

  6. MattGreenhalgh MattGreenhalgh

    Am I reading the frog article wrong, or are they suggesting frog-cum derived detergents and anti-bacterial agents?

    And what will the pro-lifers say?

  7. Rick Alexander Rick Alexander

    “…Experts say the discovery proves some Aztecs did resist the conquistadors.”

    In point of fact, this item proves irrefutably that the Spaniards were simply irresistible.

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