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  1. Hello Vader!

  2. I…um…wow. Just wow.

  3. Sorry. I put the wrong link on there.
    Vader does seem like a kinder,
    gentiler Vader now.

  4. M. E. Hepler

    M. E. Hepler

    *sob* again

  5. He looks like a giant sex aid. Moreso.

  6. Captain Splendid

    Captain Splendid

    Now THAT’S a mash-up!

  7. Jay


    I can’t decide if that is the most horrific costume ever, or the most awesome comic ever.

  8. Arjan


    That must have been what he looked like before he turned to the Dark Side, right?

    Damn those prequels!

  9. Jay


    OK, “comic” should obviously be “costume”. I guess that image DID cause brain damage.

    But now I want to see a Keroppi/Boba Fett mash-up.

  10. Pete Lawson

    Pete Lawson

    Sadly, it’s Photoshopped. Though I guarantee that some sick bastard will do it for real next year…

  11. Chris


    Hello Vader is so hot right now

  12. Arjan




  13. elodie


    I want to lick him.
    He looks like ice cream.

  14. ajpursell


    Do not underestimate the power of the Pink Side of the Force.

  15. RadioSilence


    Needs a bigger codpiece.

  16. I wouldn’t be suprised if George Lucas “Special Edition’d” this thing into all the movies.

  17. That was never photoshopped. No way. Not in a million years. Unless there’s a version of photoshop that can alter reality. Which, coincidentally, i’ve always wanted…

  18. Pete Lawson

    Pete Lawson

    Alas, is true. Original image about a quarter of the way down (via BoingBoing):

    And I believe that George Lucas is planning to add a bigger codpiece to Vader’s costume in his next special edition mauling of the Star Wars movies… ;)

  19. After three prequels dedicated to making Darth Vader into the bitchiest cry baby in film history (it’s impossible for me to see the originals now without imagining Vader falling into a twenty minute weeping session every time the camera cuts away from him), this look is actually an improvement.

  20. Jasper


    It was not Photoshopped, the one where he’s white was. Just a simple desaturation, and they replaced the Hello Kitty kitbox with a piece of a Speak and Spell.

  21. Sabby


    Ah! Someone took my idea for my 13 year olds halloween costume! *heh*

  22. Curupira


    “I find your lack of kawaiiness disturbing.”

  23. Ojay


    Whoever’s idea that was they can FUCK OFF!

    I don’t even like Star Wars.

  24. Felipe


    “I sense much… cuteness in you”

  25. “But now I want to see a Keroppi/Boba Fett mash-up.” Hehe that’s brilliant.

    I also want to see Jabba the Hutt and Doraemon’s baby girl. Now that’d be something!

  26. guy


    Whats Next? Darth Molly, the Sis Lord. Oh My.

  27. Duke


    This was when he turned to the Pastel Side… only hours before making the complete transition to the Dark Side.

  28. Bobby T.

    Bobby T.

    “I am your mother”

  29. Keke&Gilzinho


    Luke, I’m… gay.

  30. Kel


    Heh… Pastel Vader… “Come to the gay side of the force…” :D

  31. great outfit.. :)

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