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  1. i quite like this video irrespective of the stop motion music vid furor; that i find tiresome; it has a chilling aspect and alot of imaginative scenes. not to mention the song which is growing on me even as i write this comment. has this artist made it in the mainstream yet?

  2. Burket Burket

    that was excellent, thank you for pointing the way.

  3. Melvin Bradley Melvin Bradley

    I love this video. Head on over to and download some of their songs.

  4. Thanks for sending your holy slut army once again. Much appreciated :)

  5. carolyn carolyn

    i fell in love with the lyrics the most, though the video was stellar.

  6. Beth Beth

    Even cooler, they remembered your army! The vid is a bit too stop-action, but the ideas in it are excellent. It grows on one like mold. Nice. Already passed it on.

  7. Shane Shane

    It’s stop-start because they shot it with 16 000 digital photos! Damn, how long must it have took to make that, especially with the picture in the background?

  8. yoshi yoshi

    Man!! It was sooo artistic!! I loved the song and clip 200% ^_^ !!** Thank you for sending the film clip!!

  9. jewelweaver jewelweaver

    This song is refreshing, wonderfully poetic and contains artistic merit to feed the soul. Beautiful!

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