17 thoughts on “NERD PROM: Yes, HE’S Back, Too”

  1. Dear God, I think he made it into Superman/Batman #25. When all the alternate universe supermen pop up, one of them is him….anyone able to correct me on this?

  2. He’s in an issue of Superman/batman. My local comic shop has the panel and a photo of Rick James superfreak/man in a frame. SIGNED.

    Signed by the man himself…who fucking knows.

  3. Ah, isn’t it nice. He is living proof that Care in the Community works. If you have mentally Ill people shuffling around Manchester or Bristol dirtying up the place, give them a cloak and some red boots, and send them to America. Some of them can fly there WITHOUT a plane ticket.

  4. The guy’s name is, if I recall from when I was in 9th grade, Duval Stowers. Something like that. He used to sell art at these little one-day shows in San Diego in 80, 81, around there. His art looked his just John Byrne. I think I bought a page of Wolverine killing Sabertooth from him back then for 5 dollars.

  5. Looks pretty decent actually, I daresay half the caucasians that dress as Superman are usually wheeled on forklifts. Then again, most of them are dressed like Sailor Moon or Wonder Woman. Hats off to you Duval!

  6. He was at the party my LCBS (Golden Apple on Melrose) threw for the new Superman movie, along with another superfan. Really not a bad guy, a little wierd is all.

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