July 17th, 2006 | brainjuice

I’ll be obtaining my copy of the new episode of DEADWOOD in the morning, but you Americans with HBO should feel free to warm up for tonight’s episode of possibly the best TV show to have come out of your benighted colony.

(Oh, shut up. Let me have my fun.)

Milch has to start bringing the show in line with history again soon. Lucretia Marchbanks was probably the last of the real untruths he could pull off (she wasn’t, to say the least, Hearst’s cook, although I love the character we have). Very soon now, Wyatt Earp has to turn up — I suspect they’re going to spin it as Hearst bringing him in — to fulfil his historical attempt to supplant Bullock as sheriff. History tells us, in fact, that the two meet while Earp is apprehending a horse thief called Crazy Steve…

You know something sad? Sol Star never married.

Also, Mark Twain should come through either at the end of this season or in the first of the two-hour telefilms. I can’t believe Milch would pass that opportunity up. I mean, Jesus, if he can dig John Langrishe up…

Anyway. Anyone here watching DEADWOOD?

(No “cocksucker” lines to prove your love, please.)

55 Responses to “DEADWOOD Pre-Game”

  1. Don’t you think there had to be something between the real Seth
    and SOl? I mean – they were pretty much together for life – and
    Seth seemed to get rid of any woman in his life as soon as possible…
    you know, for her safety.

    I like being smut minded – yes.

    I’ve been watching it since the first night… I just wish there was
    more Jane.

  2. Yes and it makes my cunt blossom! Third season is the best yet, and after seeing what Doerty did in last episode there is not a fuck chance ill miss it tonight.

  3. I had never in my life looked forward to the end of a weekend… until I got hooked on fixes of Sunday night Deadwood. The show makes me a little bit giddy inside.

  4. You are going to hell for conceiving of Seth/Sol slash, Jodi. HELL.

  5. Last week’s episode was so good it gave me prostate cancer.
    Lets hope that the writing does not get embarrassing as it has for the third seasons of HBO shows past.
    Oz, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc.

  6. Last week’s was fucking brutally awesome. Yeah, DEADWOOD is the best there is on TV right now, it’ll be sad to see it go. Stuff of this caliber is really few and far between.

    Oh yeah, and choke on this, Ellis:

  7. Die, Phil.

  8. Your messianic interwub mental programming compelled me get the first season today. After 4 hours glued to the screen, I’m pretty sure I can taste the muck between my teeth. It is indeed a fine show.

    For my next bout, I’m thinking of trying the Deadwood drinking game – break out my bottle of bourbon and match the whisky intake shot for shot. Someone may want to have an ambulance on stand by…

  9. I live my life by Deadwood quotes.
    “Every day takes figuring out all over again how to fuckin’ live.”
    “Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.”
    “The world does not end because you are in despair. Until you are dead, there is more punishment in store. Take it like a man and give some back.”
    “Care Bears make it all better!” Okay, maybe not this one.

    And who could forget the “AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!” from last episode? Translated to something like “Life is just not the same with my eyeball in the place it currently occupies, hanging on my cheek the way it does.”

    Conceiving of Seth/Sol naughtiness is really not that hard. To quote another TV great, Buffy, “I didn’t leap to conclusions. I took a tiny step and there the conclusions were.”

    I’ll go die now.

  10. The guy who played Turner needs an Emmy just for that screaming.

  11. I cannot die.

    I agree on the screaming.

    What’s with eyeballs being ripped out on american TV lately? Two weeks ago they did it on the Venture Brothers.

  12. Will be watching.
    The leashed rage of Olyphant’s Bullock has been a solace to me as of late.

    I also find fascinating the lessons it gives: that the crucible of government can only be brought forth after having been cut from the whole cloth of the uterus of violence.

  13. I love the show.
    I prefer to watch it on DVD because they have the subtitles that goes along with the words, so I, at least, know what they are talking about. I’m not a very smart man but I’m trying with the third season.

  14. Im also wondering if they are going to show Al and Dorety part ways like in history. There is his grief with Adams, and I think Dan left some of his brain in the road after that fight maybe Al wont give him the respect he fills earned? I think the they will end the series with the Gem burning to the ground though is my bet.

  15. If anyone wants to see another really well written western,(alliteration) they should check out HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL. The first three seasons are on DVD now. The series stars Richard Boone (who was the voice of Smaug the dragon in the Rankin/Bass Hobbit cartoon), and many of the episodes were written by a pre-Trek Gene Rodenberry.

  16. I WAS watching Deadwood. But my desire to eat made me cancel my HBO subscription last year. And after downloading the first four episodes of this season, my internet provider alerted me that HBO informed them I was illegally downloading the show, and that if I continued, bad things would happen to me. So I missed last week’s episode, and will continue to miss it. My only hope is that I can rent the season 3 DVDs after they’re released next year.

  17. Hate to say it, but I see Jodi’s point. I just now finished watching the first season on DVD (my first exposure to the show), and from the beginning Bullock and Star’s “partnership” seemed odd and ambiguous. Bullock in a loveless forced marriage, Star never marrying… It almost seemed too obvious.

    Add in Bullock’s self-represssing nature, and his instantaneous attachment—infatuation, almost—with Wild Bill Hickok, and his furious (over-)reaction to Jack McCall’s taunting suggestion that they might’ve been “sweethearts”… It’s really not a stretch.

    It seemed like a cop-out when Milch gave them each a Great Doomed Hetero Love as soon as was expedient.

  18. Also, Wayne Cheong: Does your TV have the closed-caption function? HBO does a really nice job with their captions.

    (I use caps and subtitles a lot because I generally watch TV late at night, when the kids are asleep, and the apartment is just not all that big…)

  19. Eye-gouging is tres chic right now. Tarantino pulled it off nicely, we’ve seen at least two spectacular instances from our Interwub love god here and last week’s Deadwood was quite possibly one of the best hours of television I can remember in a long, long while. Shame no one seems to really be that broken up about Hoefstatler blowing his head off over a stupid slate board.
    I really hope Milch and crew can wrap this up in a satisfactory manner given the allotment of episodes he has left. While his storytelling here is much tighter than that of say, Hill Street Blues, I still have a nagging feeling we’re going to see a lot of loose ends dangling out there.
    Oddly enough, after Deadwood ends (prematurely) due to lower ratings, HBO has Milch developing a surfing drama. How in the hell is that even going to work?

  20. It’s Hostetler. And I’m broken up, damn it.

  21. I absolutely LOVE DEADWOOD, Warren. It’s my favorite show on TV (followed closely by ENTOURAGE). Every episode is like a Shakespearean play…. only in a western setting, which makes it utterly fascinating (I’m crazy about the western genre… UNFORGIVEN is one of my favorite all-time films).

  22. Yep, bloody brilliant.

  23. Deadwood is excellent. I’ve finally gotten to season two; Sweringin (spelled terribly) is pretty much the uncle I never had.

    I want my own severed head to give monologues to. Christmas is coming.

    (Of course Sol never married. Look at Seth, for Christ’s sake.)

  24. Indeed it is, Katherine. My mistake. With further inspection, it’s my guess that dealing with the guilt of William’s death pushed him to suicide. Steve and the slate board may have just been enough to give him that nudge.

  25. I love Deadwood – the best show on TV right now.

    I saw Timothy Olyphant in an episode of ‘My Name is Earl’ and I couldn’t think anything but “Why is Seth Bullock racing cars?”

  26. According to Deadwood lore, Sol Star was a “lifelong bachelor,” if you catch my drift. Gay, I mean.

    Now that we’re midway through season three, I’d imagine that jodhpur-wearing martinet John Ford is spinning in his grave at a velocity equal to that of a pulsar.

  27. I started watching the DVD sets, and yeah, I think you all know where this’s going. The show’s fucking incredible, and is almost supplanting Leone in terms of Westerns in my heart.

    Also, as a wordmonkey myself, I am in fucking awe of Milch’s process as seen on the special features. Watching him recline like Buddha and write scripts in a room full of writers was just…God, how does he do that? I mean, seriously? How is anyone that good?

    Haven’t seen any of Season 3 yet, not having HBO. I DID, however, see Dan take some guy’s eye right the hell out on VH1’s Best Week Ever (it was late, there was nothing else on, don’t you dare judge me *sob*) and exclaimed along the lines of “Holy shit, Dan just took that guy’s eye out!”. I’m a fan of Al’s Hatchetmen, and I am curious as hell to see the current season.

    Also, seeing Olyphant in Girl Next Door was surreal as hell. An already strange little animal of a teen tit flick made even better by Seth Bullock acing a sleezebag.

  28. Deadwood has consistently been a show in which there are no weak characters. No matter who shows up or who you think you have pegged, you’re in for a surprise. The amount of layered material wrung from each individual on the show is, as far as I have seen, unprecedented. I have to bring up the far less talked about show of “the wire” which has been reshowing its 3rd season before each new episode of “deadwood”. it’s as much a cop/robber show as it is an anthropological study of the city of baltimore. conceived by david simon, and written by some of the finest pulp writers working (pelacanos, lehane, richard price) it captures a city’s struggle with an ongoing problem with a drama and intelligence rarely seen in any television program. milch is a master of television and has conceived a cshow so rich in language and thought that it deserves every positive superlative that one can give it. but “the wire’ Has gone unnoticed because of its modern philosophies. it has something to say about what’s happening TODAY in a major city in America and it’s characters are just as well conceived and executed as “deadwood”. I urge everyone who appreciates the textures of “deadwood” to check out the pilot episode of “the wire”, i don’t think you’ll be sorry.

  29. The comments almost made me wish I had a TV again after three years.


  30. Getting into Deadwood now I had an interesting discussion Friday night about the historical aspects to it and my friend mentioned the Wyatt Earp factor. I’m looking forward to that happening. Love the dialogue it’s like chocolate, can’t stop myself from loving it.

  31. Watching Deadwood in the UK we are a bit behind in season 3 ( Hearst took off Als finger at the end of last weeks episode)Its the one programme i have to watch every week. Dare not record it in case something goes wrong and I miss a vital piece of dialogue. My wife says I sit there with a huge grin on my face for the full hour.

  32. Am I in the minority for not reading up on the actual history of these people? I don’t know, I like being utterly in the dark till it happens.

    I’ve been re-watching season 1, onto season 2 now. And it’s interesting to see that I understand it alot better the second time around. I had no idea the DVDs were subtitled. That makes me giggle.

    Only tv show I’ve regularly watched the last 2 years. I will miss it something awful.

    (And I second the comments on the Wire. Was given season 2 as a gift. Brilliant script, though maybe not acted as well.)

  33. I’m watching it in the UK so a few episodes behind. Love it, the only must-see programme on at the moment. The dialogue is just beautiful, always a gem in every episosde (no pun intended).
    I agree with Pierluigi, “The Wire” is excellent too.

  34. Yep, but on sky so a good half a season behind you at least.

  35. I actually haven’t started with season 3 yet, though it’s all been broadcatched on RSS.
    Stupid school and stupid exams keep me from my shows :(

  36. It’s not HBO, it’s a guy getting his fucking ripped out of the socket!

  37. When will interwub Jesus start the DEADWOOD cult. I’ll bring the antlers!?!

  38. i forgot to put “eye” in that comment.

  39. Awesome show! I’m looking forward to the third season Dvd set, so I basically skipped all your comments. I’m sure you dig it too, anyway…

  40. I’m a new watcher, yes. I don’t have cable, and I’m not techno-savvy (don’t even own my own computer), so I finally broke down and bought Season One on DVD. I plan to start infecting my friends’ lives with it once I finish watching. I am currently on episode 9, I believe. I think I spend equal parts laughing and sitting there with my jaw just hanging open in admiration for it all. Some moments are just timed so perfectly, and the characters have been maintained so well. I’d actually make an effort to remember when shows were on if they were all this good. The play of dialogue and silent moments make it for me, and I’m looking forward to all that’s yet to come.

  41. It was Roosevelt that Bullock met during the capture of Crazy Steve, wasn’t it?

  42. Deadwood was filmed before a live studio audience…

  43. “She does not move fast. But she does move with purpose.” Favorite line of last night. Still favorite of last week was Hearst’s “If I told you to fuck yourself, Sheriff, will to chalk it up to drunkenness or a high estimation of your athletic abilities?”

  44. “Am I in the minority for not reading up on the actual history of these people?”

    I’ve read a bit, but does anybody have a good pointer to a good historical reference? I’d Googled something awhile back and now I can’t find it.

  45. I only wrangled my invitation to Hell to keep you company, dear Warren. See what I do for you?! I’m pretty sure Seth is a bottom – FYI.

    Hostetler – I think he killed himself because of the overwhelmingly pervasive racism he was being assaulted with – and that he felt was just exemplified in this one guy, but personified by everyone. He was too proud and it broke him. I think Bullock identified with that.

    It’s a theme really – Everyone in town is dealing with the pride/being made to eat shit issue.

  46. Been watching since a friend of mine gave me Season One to watch, been hooked since then.

    Where the hell else can you see a man grab a boob and scream into it like a soundtube on an ironclad?

  47. As usual, Wikipedia for the win:,_South_Dakota

    For the “what’s the real history?” people in the audience.

  48. Warren, love your work, glad to see someone I enjoy likes Deadwood as much as I do. What I tell friends who haven’t seen it is, “I/m not saying it’s the greatest show ever, but I’m not saying it isn’t”. It’s almost sad how much I lok forward to Sunday nights. I actually start anticipating Deadwood on Friday. Then Sunday I watch it at 9 and again at midnight on HBO west, both because I enjoy it enough to watch it twice and because I usually need a repeat viewing to make sure I caught everything.

    SPOILERishness, in case anyone cares!!! (first time I’ve been to this sight, is that done here?)

    I read somewhere that Wyatt Earp shows up in episode 8 (pretty sure it was 8) this season. There were no details beyond that, but the surmise that it might be spun as being at Hearst’s request seems reasonable.

    In real life Martha Bullock was Seth’s childhood sweetheart, was never married to anyone else and they had, if I recall correctly, two daughters and a son. I suppose that doesn’t preclude Seth and Sol being *especially* close, just thought it warranted mantioning.

  49. Gogiggs, you’re on the money. Wyatt Earp shows up in episode 8. He’s played by Gale Harold.

  50. Been watching Deadwood Via DVD. Just finished watching the 2nd season.
    In the bonus features on the last disk is a piece about how Milch works.
    Shows him writing the script and brainstorming with other writers in the room.
    Insane the way he works…Actors get new pages the night before for
    the scene their shooting the next day.

  51. Gale Harold from Queer as folk? That should be fantastic!

  52. There’s got to be a way you can direct your Holy Slut Army(TM) and we other cultish followers to subdue Milch and compel the fourth season out of him that he plans to bottle up and keep from us forever. Preferably no gouging will be involved but at this point I can’t make any promises.

  53. If I can develop half the facility for language that Milch has as a writer before I die, I will be one happy son of a bitch. This is the best show since Milch was writing NYPD Blue.

    RE: Wyatt Earp — for what it’s worth, it’s my understanding he did, indeed, pass through Deadwood at one point, and got his ass handed to him by Bullock. I had read rumors that they might try to cast the guy that played both Jack McCall and Mr. W (Hearst’s man), but it appears that didn’t happen…

    I love this show.

  54. Swigen (Mc Shane) is incredible as always. One of my favorites is Charlie Utter…the common man
    whose influence can make or break any situation that arises.

  55. they did recast jack mccall and mr. hurst’s scout as morgan earp. how mamy times they gonna use that guy?