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I’ll be obtaining my copy of the new episode of DEADWOOD in the morning, but you Americans with HBO should feel free to warm up for tonight’s episode of possibly the best TV show to have come out of your benighted colony.

(Oh, shut up. Let me have my fun.)

Milch has to start bringing the show in line with history again soon. Lucretia Marchbanks was probably the last of the real untruths he could pull off (she wasn’t, to say the least, Hearst’s cook, although I love the character we have). Very soon now, Wyatt Earp has to turn up — I suspect they’re going to spin it as Hearst bringing him in — to fulfil his historical attempt to supplant Bullock as sheriff. History tells us, in fact, that the two meet while Earp is apprehending a horse thief called Crazy Steve…

You know something sad? Sol Star never married.

Also, Mark Twain should come through either at the end of this season or in the first of the two-hour telefilms. I can’t believe Milch would pass that opportunity up. I mean, Jesus, if he can dig John Langrishe up…

Anyway. Anyone here watching DEADWOOD?

(No “cocksucker” lines to prove your love, please.)

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  1. Lukebunny Lukebunny

    Gale Harold from Queer as folk? That should be fantastic!

  2. john john

    There’s got to be a way you can direct your Holy Slut Army(TM) and we other cultish followers to subdue Milch and compel the fourth season out of him that he plans to bottle up and keep from us forever. Preferably no gouging will be involved but at this point I can’t make any promises.

  3. Miller Miller

    If I can develop half the facility for language that Milch has as a writer before I die, I will be one happy son of a bitch. This is the best show since Milch was writing NYPD Blue.

    RE: Wyatt Earp — for what it’s worth, it’s my understanding he did, indeed, pass through Deadwood at one point, and got his ass handed to him by Bullock. I had read rumors that they might try to cast the guy that played both Jack McCall and Mr. W (Hearst’s man), but it appears that didn’t happen…

    I love this show.

  4. Swigen (Mc Shane) is incredible as always. One of my favorites is Charlie Utter…the common man
    whose influence can make or break any situation that arises.

  5. they did recast jack mccall and mr. hurst’s scout as morgan earp. how mamy times they gonna use that guy?

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