Nerd Prom 2006: Start Your Engines

The term “Nerd Prom” denotes the San Diego Comics Convention and was coined with love by writer and regular SDCC attendee Kelly Sue DeConnick. Incidentally, I think it’s her birthday tomorrow, so send her some love back at her site there.

Last year, I had people send their camphone pics live from the convention floor here to me in sweaty England, and I posted them here. I think we’ll do that again this year. My email address is warrene @ Plug that into your phones, and email or MMS your photos to me. (Digital cameras and laptops are fine too, obviously!) Let us once more illustrate the glory and stark existential horror that is Nerd Prom for the electric intarwub. Extra points for catching shots of my friends there.

I thank you.

8 thoughts on “Nerd Prom 2006: Start Your Engines”

  1. I can’t wait for the pictures. It’s sure to be disturbing/entertaining (which are really the same thing in my mind, hence why I keep following the do not look links).

  2. It may be that I am misinformed, or unperceptive, or merely a sucker, but I have a fairly high opinion of the San Diego Comic-Con. Part of what formed this was visiting the event with people who didn’t read comics, but enjoyed the sights, sounds, and scene. It may be a case that familiarity breeds contempt, but comics readership could use considerably more strangers.

  3. Eh, ‘geek’ still sounds like a guy that bites heads off of chickens to me. I’ll take ‘nerd’ thanks.

    Question though, why is the Comicon the ‘Nerd Prom’ and gets all the insults, while you see the same types of people/events/Q&As/sigins/over the top costumes/etc. at pretty much every type of convention that has anything to do with comics, TV or movies. Is it just because it’s bigger? Or because the other media are ‘taking over’ and all that?

    Just wondering. I enjoy it. I’m not a guy who dresses up, and I’ve seen my share of weirdos but that’s just part of the fun I think.

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