18 thoughts on “NEXTWAVE Is Love”

  1. I know my words mean shit, but Damn that’s some high praise. The Venture Bros. is some of the, if not The, funniest writing on television, today.

    That said: Us rabid fans knew that, about a half a year ago. ;)


  2. The Venture Brothers really is the only touchstone I have for explaining NEXTWAVE to people who haven’t seen it. I was saying “Imagine if ‘What The?!’ had been as smart and funny as Marvel thought it was…” but that was just confusing people.

  3. Since finishing the first story, Nextwave has felt like how I remember the ’80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon…filtered through Adult Swim.

  4. Interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Turtles cartoon – though I was definitely a fanatic in the day. But it was sort of the strangest and least-logical parts of super-hero fiction too, as I recall – and for kids, that’s awesome.

  5. If Marvel doesn’t find themselves a Korean studio that can capture Immonen’s look and make 15-minute Nextwave shorts, they are shooting themselves in the foot. With a gun. A gun full of Idiot Bullets.

    Please, Arad, Quesada, whoever: bury the hatchet with WB (who own Cartoon Network) long enough for both companies to make filthy money with the Adult Swim timeslot + Ellis and Immonen’s genius.

  6. How many of you saw Warren’s episode of Justice League Unlimited, “Darkheart?”

    I thought that was one of the better episodes of that series, even playing by the rules of that genre.

    But honestly…if someone did want to turn Nextwave into an adult cartoon and Marvel was all right with that (and what are the chances there?) isn’t it likely as not they’d put together a writer’s room and muck the whole thing up? Far as I can tell the Venture Brothers is written entirely by Jackson Publick(creator Christopher McCulloch) and his buddy Doc Hammer.

    Could a cartoon featuring any Marvel property be that simple?

  7. Send russell t davis a copy. The BBC get £2 Bn a year, so they could easily pay for it. It would be better than this years Dr.Who

  8. Venture Brothers is love. Any show able reference James Bond, Apocalypse Now, Jim Morrison, and Chinatown in the same episode, yet without beating over you head with it like Family Guy, deserves all the praise it can get.

    Also, Brendon Small.

  9. Often have I dreamed of NEXTWAVE side-by-side with Venture Brothers as a cartoon on [AS]. Together, their might would obliterate all shitty late-night offerings. Dammit, Ellis, get Quesada on the phone! Tell Him-What-Makes-Decisions of our devotion! Quesada, if you’re reading this, see to it! I must have my hour of pure superhero lunacy! YAP YAP BANG, DAMMIT!

    So, um, yeah.

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