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  1. There wouldn’t be a problem if they kept it out of all those baby bottles…

  2. William William

    Poisonous alcohol. :)
    The LD50 for regular ethanol is a litre of 40%, consumed in under an hour.

  3. Yeah, we get a few people blinded (and occasionally killed) by dodgy Russian imports in Finland. I used to work in the port and had access to the stuff these guys would bring over. It depended on the week but sometimes you could buy a nice bottle of Stolichnaya and sometimes you had to make do with ‘Rasputin’ or some other local Russian brand. I was told to avoid the bottles that still contained a little bit of cat poop from the bathtub it had been distilled in… Good rule of thumb.

  4. Dave Dave

    Poisonous liquids? Its called vodka. Bloody awful stuff.

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