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links for 2006-06-23


  1. Denyer Denyer

    “Me? I’m reading a book. Yeah, we’re thinking back east… yeah, we’re evolving. Is that the big one I hear in the background? Bye you lizard scum! Bye!”

  2. “sci doom dooooooooom crack+crunch+squish+aaaaaa arizona+bay)
    These are our toys [and we don’t want to share them]”

    Is my favorite thing today.

  3. Err, I meant just “sci doom dooooooooom crack+crunch+squish+aaaaaa arizona+bay)”

  4. Bob Tomko Bob Tomko

    Hey, I’m here in San Diego and if the big quake hits, I might live on the island of San Diego…

  5. Someone at the BBC has gotten lazy, either that or they’ve mistaken southern California’s numerous daily televized retard playpens for news.

    Unless it’s rained within 3 days the San Andreas fault Doomsday Scenario is the go-to alarmist crap.

  6. Back in late 2004, when I was still living in Southern California, I had a weird premonition of a major disaster to come in late summer or early fall 2005. I thought it would be a major earthquake, and my house was only about 18 miles from the main fault, and this was one of about eight different reasons I moved away from there.

    Turned out my premonition was partly right — the major diaster was Hurricane Katrina.

    But, having friends and occasional business in SoCal, I still worry about “The Big One” that is certainly due there. I hope it waits until after the next SDCC.

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