links for 2006-06-19

8 thoughts on “links for 2006-06-19”

  1. Pfft. Linux has been able to run from Flash drives for ages. 1GB Flash drive? Save your cash and get something smaller, as Linux can run from as little as 50MB:

    And can someone get the guys from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (best show on TV, really restores your faith in human beings) to pay a visit to New Orleans!

  2. He’s not saying you are a whore, he is just explaining what he meant, that is nothing like whore, more like ‘fucking great’.
    He just can’t believe that through the blogsphere (hate that word), he can access to one of his favorite writers thoughts.

  3. The PowerToGo thing works quite badly.

    I’ve run Trillian and such software on my flashdrive when travelling abroad. It’s very easily accomplished with no extra help. All software should be written to be portable. If they’re not, it’s either because the programmers suck, or because it doesn’t make any sense to be portable (like an e-mail server or something)

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