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Dutch Paedophiles Form Political Party

Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage.

The Charity, Freedom and Diversity (NVD) party said on its Web site it would be officially registered Wednesday, proclaiming: “We are going to shake The Hague awake!”

The party said it wanted to cut the legal age for sexual relations to 12 and eventually scrap the limit altogether.

“A ban just makes children curious,” Ad van den Berg, one of the party’s founders, told the Algemeen Dagblad (AD) newspaper.

“We want to make pedophilia the subject of discussion,” he said, adding the subject had been a taboo since the 1996 Marc Dutroux child abuse scandal in neighboring Belgium. “We want to get into parliament so we have a voice. Other politicians only talk about us in a negative sense, as if we were criminals…”

(Sent by Chris Wichtendahl, who says: “I saw this today and thought of a comment you made (I think it was in the Apparat books) about how all the stuff you made up for Transmet was coming true. Here’s another one, ala Right Love.”)

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  1. Gabrielle C. Gabrielle C.

    I was about to send it to you too when i saw your last post.

  2. Ken Ken

    I’m pretty sure paedophilia has been a taboo since before 1996.

  3. G. Rocco G. Rocco

    Oh My GOD! I saw that on CNN en español this morning, but they didn’t gave much details. This is the kind of things that makes me wonder why hasn’t a big GOD middle finger wiped all humanity from earth. And i’m agnostic.

  4. RMC RMC

    Wasn’t there a lobbying group like this in the States that Allen Geinsberg was involved with?
    The Man/Boy Love League?

  5. Vespero Vespero

    And I want to create a political party that permit the stake of paedophiles.
    All that makes me feel empty…

  6. Well this’ll give the slippery slope guys some ammunition. “see what happens when you allow gay marriage? See? See?”

    good grief.

  7. if you read the rest of the article to page 2, it says not only do they want legal child porn, animal porn and drugs, they also want free train travel for all. so, swings n’ roundabouts, eh?

  8. Earl Earl

    But hey, free train travel.

  9. Other politicians only talk about us in a negative sense, as if we were criminals…”


  10. NinjaDebugger NinjaDebugger

    Poster above of thinking of NAMBLA, of which we shall not speak, b/c they are some seriously arfed in the head people.

  11. JM JM

    I bet they’re plants, to choose certian things to back[“…legalizing all soft and hard drugs and free train travel for all.”], and then run around going “LOL CHILDSEXPLZOK.” so everyone gets all “OH NO. FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION = PEDOS!! RUN!” Ohh….those bastards.

  12. Johnny Johnny

    This reminds me of a story Dateline Nbc has been running for about 3 weeks straight.
    It features a slew of people who get lured into a house filled with cameras and police, after
    chatting online with some underaged girl they believe will fufill their every desire.
    It just goes to show humiliation on primetime television is always entertaining when it involves would-be sex offenders.
    Anyways it looks like a Dutch version of Sex Puppets should be airing up in the near future…

  13. “A ban just makes children curious,”
    Yes, and it seems it’s up to men above 30 to teach children how to have sex…
    Southpark had the best response to this sort of thing:

  14. Hugo Hugo

    I’m not a huge fan of democracy, but it has its merits. Let them have their political party.
    Then, when the elections come and you they have a few thousand votes, first you get an idea of how big is the peadophile community in the Netherlands (or how many people want free train rides) and you can keep an eye on the leaders of the party for ILEGAL activities (a bit à lá fascist regime, but anyway…).

  15. Fred B Fred B

    I’d have these bastards on ditch-detail. Soon as the ditch is dug, you shoot them in the back of the head, then cover them with the dug-up dirt. Recycling, see?

    And don’t claim I’m having nazi-tendencies here. They had decent methods, just chose the wrong type of victims for it, is all.

  16. I have always wondered what the hell Ginsberg was thinking.

  17. I’m pretty sure he was thinking about spinning little boys around on his cock.

  18. Marj Marj

    I also understand you would like to have sex with animals legalised too..! Eh what about diversifying into fish and getting
    piranhas to have oral sex with you…!!! Sure would solve alot of your sicko problems to have your penis and testicles eaten away…

    Children are far too precious to be soiled with your sick behaviour….

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