May 27th, 2006 | brainjuice

Groupblogs have long interested me, at least as a concept. I don’t really read a lot, though. I check boingboing every day or two. My pygmy wife just joined the team at Kotaku. 3quarksdaily kind of got away from me. I occasionally look at Defamer, and follow K10K every day. And that’s about it for groupblogs.

Recommend me some good ones. Please leave out comics groupblogs and the Nick Denton stuff, as I’m aware of them. Thanks.

— W

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  1. seems to always have a few interesting things percolating about the top of the list… isn’t really a group blog but it’s often… damn interesting

  2. J Walkenbush has a blog… I think it’s is odd housing and furnishing stuff.

  3. Metafilter, a great complement to boingboing.

    The occult and fringe culture blog. Often point to interesting stuff and they have a Terrence McKenna quote at the top of the page.

  5. I really like the folks at Backwards City, a daily read for me (along with Boing Boing and this fine site). It’s 85% one guy and 15% everyone else, but it’s still technically a group blog. My blog is technically a group blog too, but it’s really 95% me so who am I kidding?

  6. is my group blog. I like to think we’re pretty interesting.


  7. I’d second Metafilter – it’s oppressively cliquey and normative at times, but the links are often good.


    It’s a group blog about… science.

    Mostly biology.

  9. is a good group music blog. There, reviewers and enthusiasts weigh in on what makes selected tracks interesting – with often surprising results!

  10. Hey Warren. Reading a while; first comment. There’s a good (well, it varies) poetry group blog, here:

    Take care.

  11. Copy blog occasionally have some true gems.

  12. 2blowhards is group arts discussion site, with topics including movies, painting, car design, architecture, yoga and more esoteric stuff.

    Gene Expression at deals with genetics and intelligence, often touching on capitalism and religion.

  13. Mostly in portuguese, but there are some webcomics in english and you can look at the pretty pictures.

  14. metroblogging

  15. I would suggest the libertarian oriented hit and run forums for Reason magazine.

    Quite hilarious.


    “Space and Culture is a cross-disciplinary journal of cultural studies that fosters the publication of reflections on a wide range of socio-spatial arenas.”

  17. is where I spend much of my time. It started as a solo blog, but Les uses a lot of guest entries and most entries have extensive threads of conversation backing them up. The focus is mostly on religion and politics with some tech talk thrown in. The slant is atheist / liberal.

  18. has some interesting posts


    title pretty much captures it. Not often updated, but topics are usually quite interesting

  20. Have a look at It’s mostly technology/futurist stuff, but we make it entertaining as well as informative.

    Side Note: Mr. Ellis, you are all kinds of awesome.

  21. Why, GIZMODO of course!

  22. Links gleaned from other sites; a lot like boing-boing but casting a wider net.

  23. I’d second (or third or fourth) MetaFilter.

    Coudal Partners combined feed throws up some goodies:

    Sticking up for the home team, Futurismic ( chucks out some good SF/tech/futurism linkage, though I seem to have been filling in all the space for a week or so due to other commitments from the rest of the team, it’s usually a bit more varied.

    Then there’s my blog Velcro City Tourist Board (, which is just like a team blog, only with one contributor. OK, so it’s a shameless plug. Life is short.

    Looking forward to the Edison/Tesla graphic, BTW.

  24. I’m coming into this one a bit late, but I suppose Web Owls might be useful to you.

    ‘How to search, how to research – tips and techniques, tales from the trenches, and wonderful discoveries. Contains 20% whimsy.’

    And no, it’s not of the ‘obvious stuff for newcomers’ bent.

  25. MeFi


  26. Lifehacker!

  27. arkitip/intelligence

  28. I thought you’d never ask

    Bright young 20somethings on either side of the pond (Dublin, California & Aberdeen), knocking off thoughts on politics, life, love, & the usual. Current affairs junkies and one girl who loves her music.

    Worth it.

  29. Try MemeFirst.

    Mostly political nonsense from the States, but well written. Plus, the group-bloggers sometimes argue
    with each other. Which can get hilarious.


    One of the contributors is a professor at NYU with whom I’ve been friends for twenty years. Tghis groupblog has its moments…

  31. Making Light, at

    The home of Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and occasionally Jim Macdonald and John M. Ford. The comments section is staggering and often brilliant.

    Cory Doctorow lifts posts from there at least twice a month for BoingBoing.

  32. I like: – group foodie/all-things-gourmet blog – group technology blog

  33. I check out it is a pretty good site – BFAW (Best Friend at Work) content is from a bunch of co-workers passing time by scouring the internet for content.

  34. There is also