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links for 2006-05-25

  • £7m sex theme park, which has no rides, is to open in London’s West End later this year
    (tags: sex)
  • As our catalogue of natural phenomena has grown more complete, more and more scientists have begun to look for interesting patterns in human society
    (tags: war)
  • Louisiana Gulf Coast faces the highest probability of any area in the country of getting struck by hurricane-force winds during the 2006 hurricane season
    (tags: gmf viridian)
  • “Welcome to Another Sky Press. We want people to read our books, even if they read them for free (though we’d love it if you bought a copy!). If you dig us, please spread the word” – (CLICK:”Intelligent fiction for the mentally unhinged”)
    (tags: books pod web)


  1. Just so you know, the Erotic Museum in Hollywood just shut down, despite its inspired placement on Hollywood Blvd. in the middle of the Sleaze Zone.

    Institutions like this seem to take a back set to the real thing. I mean, if it won’t fly in LA where they love both sex and museums, what hope is there?

  2. Jasper Jasper

    “The theme park will include life-sized silicone-made models which visitors can touch to discover erogenous zones.”

    Er, but they’re different for every single human being ever made. Maybe they’re just hitting the very basic highlights?

  3. Jasper Jasper

    I mean, besides the obvious “Hey, your cock!”

    Sorry to doublepost, it just struck me that someone might tell me genitals were always erogenous. Which they aren’t, but jeez, too many worm cans, not enough hands.

  4. London and all of England would benefit from anything to do with sex but a sex theme park? Better just go to Spain heaps more revolutionary then any (english) sex theme park.

  5. “Well, it’s no National Gallery, but it’s more interesting than the Tate Modern”

    A sex theme park (no rides, so to speak) is opening in London’s West End. The Academy of Sex and Relationships at the Trocadero in Piccadilly, will pass through seven…

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