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links for 2006-05-16


  1. Good to hear that tulpas have struck your interest, Warren. I’m pleased that I’m about a year ahead of you in at least one area of knowledge.

    I know you hate people plugging where they’re not invited, but you might find my webcomic to be useful research in this topic, especially the last chapter. Tulpas aren’t just for Tibetan mystics, anymore. :)

  2. “Good to hear that tulpas have struck your interest, Warren.”

    About twenty years ago, man. I just had something occur to me last night and wanted to collect up the usual reading for today.

  3. James Sharpe James Sharpe

    I came across some info on Tulpas a few months ago and found it fascinating, the links you’ve put up make great reading.

  4. fogbat fogbat

    More evidence that nothing’s so daft that nobody will believe it?

  5. Rich Rich

    Were you visited by the ghost of Jack Klugman or something?

  6. Oh, and you (but maybe not your readers) have probably heard about Alvin Schwartz, a writer for the Superman and Batman dailies, who did some tulpa research of his own. I have his book _An Unlikely Prophet_ — it’s pretty good, although you’ll enjoy it more if you read it as a treatise, rather than a linear plot-driven story.

  7. Children of the mind

    Comic writer extraordinaire Warren Ellis has posted an interesting roundup of tulpa resources on his blog, with the suggestion that something happened last night to prompt it (I’ll drop in a note asking for clarification). There does seem an odd lin…

  8. As my trackback says I wanted to follow up on your comment:

    I just had something occur to me last night

    If you don’t mind me asking, did you encounter some kind of tulpoid entity?

    Its a very interesting subject but it can be tricky pinning it down and your comment intrigued me ;)

  9. Uh… You do know that “I just had something occur to me” just means “I just thought of something,” right? It doesn’t actually imply anything “ocurring” in the sense of “happening”…

  10. That is certainly one interpretation. ;)

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