And So To Bed

I just read a draft of Aaron Sorkin’s STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP and it is so finely balanced and perfectly judged that I’m about ready to kill myself. Good night.

11 thoughts on “And So To Bed”

  1. I haven’t read it, but I bet the first season will be fun & breezy and the second season will be a titanic shitstorm during which the plot will spiral into the scuppering asshole of mutual loathing and perscription drug abuse between the entire cast of characters.

    It’s Sorkin’s trademark.

  2. Yes, hooray for Google.

    I’d like to see that on the air; however, given that what I found was “an early draft” there’s no telling what the actual pilot will look like.

    But I agree with Michael Sullivan above; if they can keep the edge this draft had and be genuinely satirical without being self-indulgent, this could be one of my favorite shows too.

  3. The draft I read made me feel both like worshipping at Sorkin’s computer and hitting him in the head so he stops making everybody else look ill. Lots of Sports Night in it, which is understandable and awesome.

    “Good, ’cause I’m pretty stoned right now and I can’t really remember what I said.”

    Sorkin, you magnificent bastard. I cannot wait.

  4. Don’t worry, Warren: Americans don’t like “finely balanced and perfectly judged,” so the show will no doubt die after a good four to seven episodes.

    The good stuff seldom lasts in this country.

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