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The Filthy Monkey, It’s Back


Die Puny Humans: a community I’ve created to track outbreaks of the future. In news and developments in science and the arts, the new machinery of the internet, magic and philosophy, we get hints of our possible futures. Some of this mess of novelty will coalesce into a world we end up living in. I like the idea of getting previews; of tracking these storms as they come up over the horizon towards us.

Set up an account and you’re automatically admitted to the futurismic bowels of the Monkey.

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  1. Napalm Dog

    Napalm Dog

    Care to tell me if I can become a member? It seems to be full. Sort of expect the future to be full, I suppose…

  2. Matt


    Will the uninvited be allowed to look in through a window at the future?

  3. Or: Do I have to be a member to read what other people post?
    I’m quite interested in following the conversations there.


  4. Alex Hopkinson

    Alex Hopkinson

    Yeah you need to register to read, and that front message doesn’t mean it’s full. Despite indicating all applications are inspected before acceptance I think it’s just set to instantly activate you (certainly seemed to be when I signed up Sunday evening).

  5. Jasper


    Clearly a test.

  6. A site about the future with a 2005 copyright date? Fantastic!

  7. myk smith

    myk smith

    It IS a test.

  8. kinopravda


    “We decide whether or not you are allowed into the future”…

    What are you playing at?

    Going Randall Dowling all of a sudden on us?

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