13 Responses to “Edison Hate Future”

  1. Men who aren’t freaked out by periods are HAWT.

  2. Women who don’t let their periods pool on the floor are HAWTTUR.

  3. Do you really think we’re talking about periods here?

  4. Let them have their delusions.

  5. I carry no delusions. Edison doesn’t even say what manner of creature the blood is from.

  6. I want this as a shirt too dammit!
    they just keep gettig better and better!

  7. My delusions are simple and make me giggle.

  8. The internet ate my delusions…

  9. I, for one, welcome our new delusional overlords.

  10. This is all making me very hungry.

  11. Where did the “Edison” picture originally come from? And what was he listening to?

  12. It’s an “Edison phonograph” which plays “phonograph cylinders”, the predecessor to the grammophone record, right?

    And he’s listening to it through his lectric head pipes.

  13. “The pool of blood on your side of the bed”

    more than likely a pool of blood that she left there.

    Possibly his own. but then edison would be emo.

    And Edison hates emo’s.

    Fucking emo’s.