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  1. Melinda Melinda

    i like, but that… eyeball slashing… film. gah.
    i have this thing about eyes, and things going near eyes, and things going into eyes, and i’ve seen that eye thing before and it doesn’t really bother me until it’s subconsciously drilling it’s way into my nausea centres by being tiled and looping behind what i’m trying to read and then… gah.

  2. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    Allison was never allowed back into the Lucky Kabob All-Night Takeaway Shop after the unfortuant accident…

  3. Jon M. Jon M.

    I’m still pissy about missing Lana’s Power Circus show when they were in Portland. Come back for another show! I promise I’ll bring kittens and other things made of brillo pads and glue!

  4. Alfredo Alfredo

    Fuck you warren Ellis!!!!!! The baby the fucking penis the every other fucking post is some shit!!!! AAHHHH!!!!!!


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