9 Responses to “Edison Hate Future”

  1. WANT

  2. can i get this on a shirt?

  3. That I think is my favorite so far!
    Yes on a shirt would rawk more too, or atleast a sticker:)

  4. I bought an edison hate future shirt for my girlfriend recently.

    Also, in the news: http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/04/21/nail.gun.ap/index.html

  5. Hah! I like this one!

  6. Damn you man! I love this one – I mean, I love the one on the t-shirt I bought, but if this one were available, I probably would’ve picked it instead :) This having been said, hell … they weren’t terribly expensive. If this one goes onto a T, I’ll probably buy it, too.

  7. Perfect!

  8. I also would be pleased to own a t-shirt if you decided to offer this one.

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