Arse Of A Flashing Geisha

Photo taken by Nico D. in Brooklyn:

I was standing in line for the bus… when I spied a young guy with two squealing girl toddlers who was wearing baggy pants with a strange design on the back pockets.

Both of them are pictures of the same stitched-on geisha or prostitute… on the pocket I took the picture of, she’s clearly lifting up her kimono and showing off what is definitely her crotch… I’ve seen some strange gangsta clothing whilst living here in NYC but that took the cake…

6 thoughts on “Arse Of A Flashing Geisha”

  1. Aha! I saw that exact pair of pants on someone on the Flatbush bus a couple of weeks ago and I spent about 10 minutes trying, and failing, to get a clear picture while trying, and probably failing, to not look like I was surreptitiously photographing a stranger’s ass. In case someone should actually want a pair and have access to Brooklyn, I saw the pants and just the pocket patches being sold on a street corner on Flatbush Ave last week, probably at a deep discount, ahem.

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