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  1. Is that…

    Is that an Ellisian field?


  2. The oceans are turning acid because of all the CO2 they’re sucking up:

    The calcium carbonate in the shells of all the wee critters that form the base of the food chain are going to start dissolving, and things will get way fucked.

    On hearing the news, the Bush administration funded a crash program to find ways to blame it on welfare moms, gays getting married, and whoever it is who’s Al-Qeada’s Number Two these days.

  3. David David

    Thank god.. Do you have any idea how bored I get, without your claptrap to read?

  4. Jay Jay


  5. I thought I heard the bitter lamenting of women in the distance, right enough.

  6. Andy Andy

    The guy who made the classic “Max Headroom” is one of the guys behind the ol’ Alien Autopsy video from about 10 years ago.,,2087-2136617,00.html

  7. Andy Andy


  8. Welcome back. The first time I saw that image, I thought of the “Map of the Whole Internet” posters that came out a few years back. Only, you know, with your hand smack dab in the middle of everything.

  9. Dan Adie Dan Adie

    Panicking as my left leg seems to have totally seized up in the last half an hour. I thought it was a reaction from having to watch another terrible episode of CSI by my wife, but its really painful….

    Hm, notthat I want to bring you down or anything…

  10. Those bastards in copy desk refuse to give me my cartoon back. Give them 1500 words about how nothing has changed since last week, they’ll turn it around in five minutes.

    Give them a cartoon with 8 words, won’t see it again for 3 days.

    Makes me wish I had some of that saliva fermented mucous beer they drink down in the Amazon.

  11. Nothing much just recovering from my week long trip of crazy henodnism and other things.. lots of pix of some of the craziness posted in flickr.. though couldn’t post some pix due to ummm nature, and not wanting to piss off friends who may not want certain things seen on the net.
    Trying to adjust to mundane life again. blaaaah.

    You were missed.. hope your mini holiday was good as well:)
    I did shots in your honor at con, and spanked a few shiny clad lasses as well:) Couldn’t get them to scream your name outloud while during though:P but I attempted:)

  12. you have been missed, O Internet Jesus.

    for your delight, i have suggested to one of my college professors that she use TRANSMET in her classes on journalism and advertising as a look into the future of the two fields.

    and once again, your influence spreads.

  13. product placements? Is it too late to get Crayola lined up on that Black and White Nextwave issue?

  14. Napalm Dog Napalm Dog

    Just finished reading Niven’s “The Integral Trees” and started on “The Smoke Ring”. He really did a lot with “Ringworld, though these two books are very interesting….

  15. Inca Will Inca Will

    Just finished reading/listening to Apparat and reading Nextwave. Frank Ironwire! Aeromarine!

    #2 at the Big Oil corp I work with said the future is trending towards Meathook Comma Grim. I paraphrase, of course.

  16. I can’t sleep. Christ.

  17. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    You take a brief break and hollywood are already starting to make plans to eat their young. I love it.

  18. A Magician and Librarian talk magick and libraries.

  19. I have discovered and now my life is blatantly better than it used to be. You should check it out.

    Other than that, not much, I did squat during the holidays like the lazy err lazy-person I am.

  20. prepping for a day of corporate-bastard cubiclework by getting a good hour of sitting-at-a-desk in before i leave the house. Looking forward to a weekend of trying to learn how to make word-balloons that don’t obscure the characters in my digital-photo-based webcomic, thinking this weekend will require booze yet suspecting word balloons will be no easier to master on half a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

    Welcome Back, Internet Jesus.

  21. Kelvin Kelvin

    Oh, hey, Warren. I’m sorry about the nuts punching thing. I was in a mood.

    I liked the netvibes thing. A lot.

    Too bad about the lady with the black death:

  22. Kelvin Kelvin

    Damn. Sorry.

  23. Your hand really is the center of attention.

    Did you cast some type of evil spell to create so much lightning?

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