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Why People Should Use Google

Professional dominatrix Natasha Strange:

This morning when I found out that there is a web cartoon named “Princess Natasha” which has recently been acquired by Cartoon Network, I though, Yah! Imitation is of course the sincerest form of flattery, then in the shower, somewhere between shaving and conditioning my various royal parts, I realized, that this was probably, in fact, a very bad thing for me.

Indeed, a quick google of “Princess Natasha” shows that I am indeed the TOP royal, but directly underneath my link promising BDSM and cock control, there is a listing for a pre-teen cartoon called “Princess Natasha.” Oh my.

I am by no means a household name, but good god people, did they not google (google is a wonderful tool for this sort of thing) Princess Natasha and see what was out there that might be named similarly? I would think that would be a fairly OBVIOUS first step in the naming process. I can just see some parents precious 10 year old googling their idol and finding another, less age appropriate one. I can just see their upcoming project aimed at young boys named Rocco Siffredi…

coming to a TV near you:Princess Natasha And The Electrocuted Cock

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  1. klav klav

    She should, like, punish them.

  2. Sobreiro Sobreiro

    ” I can just see their upcoming project aimed at young boys named Rocco Siffredi…”

    There was a “Rocco’s Modern Life” years ago.

  3. I would love to, you know, punish them, but sometimes, that’s just what they want. ;-}

  4. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    Well damn, I thought for a moment there I had a reason to start watching Adult Swim again…

  5. As someone who was once a preteen, I, personally, would’ve been delighted on finding that unexpected result in my Googling. Though I’m male, which might have something to do with it.

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