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  1. Bill Cunningham Bill Cunningham

    yes, he sniffs out clues in the most unlikely of places…
    Ferret. Greenwich village “stable”. Mystery solved.
    The new movie adaption starring Richard Gere…

  2. Jess Nevins Jess Nevins

    With his pet ferret and everything.

    The strip was just another one of Timely’s attempts to lift other creators’ characters, file the serial numbers, and publish them in the hopes that they’d be popular. Timely did it with the radio show “I Love A Mystery” and their characters the 3Xs, among a few others–Timely was much the worst offender in this regard of any of the big Golden Age companies. The Ferret, well, Timely seemed to have been trying to create a hardboiled detective (ala Hammet’s Sam Spade or Chandler’s Marlowe) suitable for superhero comics. The results were unsuccessful.

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