“Another Cold Morning”

It has been brought to my attention that one chapter of my 1997-2002 serial TRANSMETROPOLITAN has been placed online. Since it’s one chapter out of sixty, and no-one’s trying to earn money off it, and I am lazy benign, I choose not to release the throatfucking hounds of hell upon the criminal Internets pirate responsible.

Instead, I offer it to you to read, and tell you that the story can be found in the collection TRANSMETROPOLITAN: LUST FOR LIFE, available from Amazon and all better comics stores and bookstores.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN #8, “Another Cold Morning”, by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson with Rodney Ramos, and Clem Robins & Nathan Eyring.

(And, yes, in doing this I’m well aware that I may blast the poor guy’s image hosting to bits. Ah, well.)

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  1. Y’know Warren, I’ve bought almost all your stuff (complete Transmet, Ocean, all current projects) , but the full scans I’ve downloaded from an unnamed filesharing prog, let’s call them placeholders. I want the paper copy, but don’t have the paper to buy them all. So don’t get pissypoopants. I’ve turned about 5 people into Desolation Jones fans by having them download the first issue, which they eventually bought. As always, free information. Be glad you’re being heard and revel and roll in the cash you already have.
    And, how else am I going to read Lazurus Churchyard?

  2. I see all from the dark anus past the stars where I reside. It smells here.

    But seriously, I know you uphold the cyberpunk beliefs of Phillip K. and Gibson, the noosphere needs to be completed, and you’re a part of it, Bucko.

  3. This is probably my favourite single issue of Transmet. The regret for the way that societies tend to throw their past onto the trashpile is beautifully put. It should probably be no surpise that the “Reservations” issue is my second favourite.

    Oh, and I’ve got a Lazarus Churchyard reprint somewhere too. I’d like to read the rest though.

  4. All I can think of “AM I NOT MERCIFUL!?” for some odd reason…
    Appreciate you linking this. I’m using it to get another friend addicted to your work.

  5. Comics are one of the few media that just flat-out do NOT work for me on the computer screen. You can never see the entire page all at once, or it’s shrunk down or compressed which fucks up the art. To save $2.50, it just ain’t worth it.

    Besides, my comic store is located next to my bar. Only a fool turns down an opportunity like that to save the price of half a pack of cigarettes.

  6. To Rob:
    Depends on what you read the comics in. There’s a program called CBR (Comic Book Reader, not to be confused with Comic Book Resource) which uses rarred image files. It displays scans really really well. Ebook versions I generally hate, as they are massive and blurry.

    And Warren – there is out there, in a comics hub I go to, a man that has every single comic EVER, listed by year. His share is a few TBs. Talk about digital preservation!!! There’s also people scanning old pulp novels, which I know you’re into.

  7. I remember picking up Transmet in a bookstore several years ago, and that very story is what got me buying up all the transmet I could find.

    Well, that and the occasional boobs. I was like fourteen at the time.

  8. For whatever reason, I never picked up a copy of Transmet before. Now I get tons of your stuff, Fell, Down, DJ, Planetary…

    But fuck. That’s a good read.

  9. To Hundred Handed One:

    I’ll give it a look, but for my money, there ain’t nothing like getting your pulls, wandering the store for new stuff, and taking the pile to the bar.

    That said, I would’ve killed for this in college. Course, I went to college in the early Image fifteen-variant cover / Superman’s Dead / Look Who’s A Clone! days, when I’d rather have sullied my bandwidth with Guatemalan Amputee Scat Porn.

  10. Transmet hooked me up with my boyfriend who I’ve been with off and on for 5 years now. The first time I read that story about Mary I cried.
    …Achually I think I do every time I read it.
    Thanks for making me feel so good everytime I re-read Transmet Warren.

  11. Even CBRs don’t do it for me. I must have a few gigs of them from various different places, but i’ve read fuck all of them. I’m kinda waiting for some apocalypse to break down the supply chain, so I have to read them. Either that, or a really long desert island holiday. Until then, every thursday is comics day!

  12. For some reason all my scans of Transmet seem to be more vividly coloured than the trades I own, sort of takes the fun out of reading the physical copies. Its probably just the colour saturation settings of my video card, but still, Robertson’s art really shines for some reason when you can see it on a good monitor.

    The scans on that site look like ass though.

  13. I think a testament to the power of that story is that I read through the whole thing online, even though I just purchased the TRANSMET trade containing it a couple of months ago and had already read it recently.

    One of the many things I liked about it as how it showed a side of Spider that we normally don’t see. Hard up as he is for pussy, he _could_ have taken advantage of her. Instead, he treated her with the utmost respect and tenderness.

  14. One thing guys, I’ve never downloaded an issue of Transmet. My friend and I got hooked on it, we both download comics, and like Ennis’ Preacher we refuse to read it in digital form, because they’re both soooo good. The scan Ellis posted is crap, too. Transmet just has some magic in it that cannot be electrickycombubalized.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a comic to read on my computer.
    I read the new “Finder” pages every week on lightspeedpress.com, and my growing list of web comics, and I think I might have an issue of “A Distant Soil” floating around here somewhere from WEF days. Everything else I’ve gone to the store and picked up, and I have a truly massive graphic novel collection here. I’d hate to give up the wednesday ritual, and I’m an old fart who likes to hold something in his hands when he reads.

  16. I like the idea that someone who posts work like this can be directly pulled up on it by the creator. No ‘fuck the greedy RIAA’ demon in this instance.

    As a fan of the comic, I wonder how the guy feels about posting the content now?

    How about at least posting some props/info links for the artist, the writer, the colourist? purchasing links? links to articles providing a context for the work.

  17. I download most of the comics I read (and buy), mostly because my local pusher gets them about a MONTH after the release date. And because I’m currently in France until the summer, where the access to non-dubbed comics is a bit limited.
    Thanks to CBR and the wonders of Direct Connect Plus Plus, I found out about Planetary, among others, which I usually would have stayed clear of thanks to another local pusher saying it was like the Authority. (Same with “Kev”, btw.)

  18. I’ve bought all of TransMet, and lots of the other work that Warren has produced, and I’m always looking for more. It’s a real pity, as well as a crime that people post his work without permission. Hopefully, it wll inspire the people who view/download his pirated works to go out and buy a real copy.
    We have to pay Warren in order for him to continue writing stories that we love. It’s only right and proper.

  19. I think the most important part of this post is being overlooked: the coining of the term “throatfucking hounds of hell” as used to describe lawyers. Very appropriate.

  20. “Another Cold Morning” has been my favorite comic story since I first read it, and it is one of my favorite stories of any medium. I think Fullscan is doing humanity a great favor for putting it out there, Mr. Ellis is doing a favor by not unleashing the lawyers, and hopefully a whole lot of people will read it and see just what an amazing medium comics can be.

  21. Well, I didn’t download any pirated material, but my mate dumped the whole Transmet collection on my desk and said, ‘Read this you fucker, and then tell me you don’t dig comics.’

    Well, he made his point; I read the 10 vols he gave me in a little over 48 hours (I can’t imagine how any poor bugger could have read them in installments without going insane). All I can say is that ever since the selfish bastard had the audacity to ask for them all back I’ve sworn to buy every volume at some point in the future. Probably when I’m middleaged and divorced. But they will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. The whole thing’s a bloody masterpiece.

    (In later news, the cocky gobshite tried to lay ‘Preacher’ on me, but frankly I thought the story was standard and the artwork was crap.)

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