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[BAD SIGNAL]Winter Can Bog Off Now


I am so fucking cold I could die.  The
heating in the pub appears to be
broken, the rain is freezing, we've
been having bursts of snow and
sleet, and, I tell you, it's nasty.
There are places where it's colder,
places where it's snowier, but Britain
leads the world in just basically
bloody disgusting weather.  Our
climate may be more stable than
most, but it's just an unpleasant,
soul-chewing place to live.  And you
wonder why Brits are all miserable

Need to wrap the next MINISTRY
column in the next couple of hours.
Using some old notes about
webcomics and wrapping them all
into a single piece.  No idea what
the readership is like -- I'm tempted
to wrap an HTML clicker into one
column to get my own count.

And, yes, I'm putting line breaks in
again.  People on Yahoo and a few
other services reported formatting
weirdnesses when I dropped the
breaks yesterday.  So it looks like
you'll all have to live with the slim
column style emails.  Waiting to
see how an experimental RSS
system reproduces the posts --
I'm working towards eventually
having the Signals reprint on
warrenelliscom.  And if I can get
that to work, I hope to cause to
have built something that
automatically posts on-release
dates for my comics, because I
always, always forget those...

Because I'm senile, yes.  Thank you.

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