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[BAD SIGNAL]PKD Research Question

bad signal
Like the genius I am, I have put all my Philip K Dick 
biographies, the Exegesis books etc "somewhere
safe."  This means that I cannot find the bastards.  
And I need a couple of research questions answered
by Monday.  I'm hoping there's someone on the
list who can help me out:
1) His father, Edgar Dick, reportedly did a radio show
in LA at some point entitled "This Is Your Government."
Does anyone know what this show was actually about?
It could have been a public service broadcast of some
kind, since he was employed by the Department Of
Commerce at that point, but I don't know for sure.
2) Second, and most importantly: was Philip Dick
living in LA or San Francisco when he had the
first of the main sequence of visions, the one triggered 
by the icthus, the Christian fish symbol?
I'll find the fucking books eventually and do all the
digging myself, but I particularly need the second
question answered so that I know if I have a gap
in the story's spine or not...
I still say that poor damaged bastard was the defining
visionary of the 20th Century.  Some say it was 
Lovecraft, but I think Lovecraft was born too late.
Phil Dick, the unlucky sod, came right on time.
-- W


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