Eve Radio

January 23rd, 2005 | music

Eve Radio’s on every Saturday, 10pm-1am GMT. Greg accepts submissions from people who want to hear their record played online, so artists should email him at darkcryst at eve-radio.com.

4 Responses to “Eve Radio”

  1. Depressingly… no-one has taken me up on this.

    I should correct that btw – I’m on 10pm-1am Sat’s, but Eve-radio is 24/7.

  2. hi, perhaps wrong area to ask but do u have any idea whats happened to eve radio?

  3. Nope, sorry. Guess they died.

  4. I believe it should be back up shortly. From what I heard there was a hosting move and it broke DNS among other things. We are still on though, (I play on Saturdays from 2200-0100, with an audio and video feed.)

    IRC is also a good place to check. Just go to irc.coldfront.net and join #eve-radio.