12 thoughts on “Darren McGavin Dead”

  1. Nightstalker fans – click on my name. Brilliant info on the show.
    Particularly entertaining are interviews with McGavin where he
    screams about the network, their lack of support for the show,
    understanding of the material and their contempt for the audience.
    I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to McGavin than
    reading that stuff.

  2. First Don Knotts, now McGavin . . . we’re losing all the greats, people!

    Had a momentary brainular inversion when I read McGavin played the dad in Christmas Story. Took me a second to realize “well, DUH, of course it was.” I hope his estate gets residuals.

    (Every one of Jean Shepherd’s TV productions featured a different actor playing My Old Man. And a different kid playing Ralphie, for that matter.)

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