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It’s Not The T-Shirt That Needs Changing

Australian Greens senator Kerry Nettle says she is sorry if her rosaries/ovaries T-shirt offended anyone, but pledged to wear it again.

Senator Nettle wore the “Mr Abbott get your rosaries off my ovaries” T-shirt earlier this week as the Senate started its emotion-charged debate over who should control the abortion drug RU486.

“It’s not the T-shirt that needs changing, it’s the prime minister’s attitude, which we are seeing increasingly is about bringing fundamentalist religious views into the parliament. Religion has no place in politics, and religion has no place in a decision for a women about what drug is safe for her to use.”

(Found by Rachel Young, thanks)

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  1. Chris Chris

    Pisses me off how bad women still have it to this day.The blacks went through a long rough period and are still hated by neo-nazi scum, but women can’t get a fucking break on this planet. Now I kinda want Flupocalypse to kill us all so the “expirement” can start over.

  2. Chelsea Chelsea

    And here in the states South Dakota is about to ban abortion- even in cases of rape- knowing it’ll go to the supreme court, and possibly stand now that Bush got to land both his nominees. Here in Indiana there’s a bill that passed in the house and in the senate which would close all abortion clinics by creating new and impossible building standards.

  3. Michael Pearson Michael Pearson

    Couple of clarifications:

    This was regarding RU486, which went through recently. There’s a lot of details I’m not sure about, but the gist is We Won.

    Tony Abbott isn’t the prime minister, although his religious views are affecting his policies, too.

  4. Just for the record for the non-Australians, the senate’s conscience vote resulted in control of RU-486 being taken away from the Minister for Health Tony Abbott and given it to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Abbott has continued to claim that his desire to ban the drug is not religiously motivated, but wants to introduce mandatory counseling for those wanting abortions now his attempt to control the drug has failed. Manditory counseling is already in place, but Abbott wants it increased to the tune of $60 million Australian.

    Minister Abbott, who is not motivated by his personal beliefs, no sir, not at all, has been quoted as saying,

    “I have a great deal of confidence in church groups to deliver professional health services. They deliver them with a Christian ethos of love and compassion and I think any services which the Christian churches deliver are delivered with great professionalism, but also with great compassion.”

    Separation of church and state? Not bloody likely, apparently.

  5. Peaked Peaked

    I can’t figure out whether its sad or comforting to know the rest of the world is, if not as fucked up as us in the US, still pretty much nuts.

  6. yeah, it may be a frightening story, and we may still have a minister for health motivated by his religious beliefs rather than the “will of the people”, but don’t take the story wrong: at least he lost, and pretty resoundingly, too. It’s the first ray of light we’ve had in our neo-conservative political history for some time. Frankly, at this point, I’ll take whatever we can get.

  7. It’s annoying how women actually think they’re entitled to decide over their own bodies.
    Women should be able to participate in the decision process, of course, as members of the Committee for Public Health, for example.

  8. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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