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  1. You know, if you would’ve told me years ago that I’d be knocked down by THE BIRD CLAP – I would’ve laughed. Now? I’m kind of pissed about it.

    Ahhhh…I take that back.

    I’m not pissed.

    The more and more that I read about this…it just makes me hungrier.

    If you combine Avian Bird Flu with Barbecue Sauce – I’m happy.

  2. Ronnie Ronnie

    Actually, France is not the first country of the European Union to be concerned, since Austria, Poland and a few others have been hit a week before. What’s new is that the turkey were NOT in free and open space, thus that nobody knows how they caught it, since they could not have been in contact with other birds. By the way, there’s an all-for-humans virus that used to be in la Reunion Island called chikungunya, now it’s in metropolitan France, already 30 cases in Paris. About 170.00 people are concerned in la Reunion, and 77 dead so far.

  3. Industrial poultry might get scarce if the Bird Clap continues.
    And if it turns into a pandemic, a lot of sick and elderly people will die.
    The question that stick in my mind is this: Do we burn the bodies in mass graves, or just bury them?
    So get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone.

  4. i’d like to see more posts about how to steal and pilot a spacecraft, as it’ll be of use in the near future.

  5. Jeff Jeff

    That’s right Britain, one flight across the English and and its cough city. Makes you wish for another mad cow outbreak, right?

  6. My mother just saw that in Georgia, they were putting all the birds in sacks, and burning them alive.

    Does somebody knows more about this? My mother just changed the channel as she was shocked about this.

  7. @ Hector Lima :
    The kind of Space Craft we’d be looking for isn’t one of the clumsy and dangerous Space Shuttles, but rather the kind the secret para-gouvernemental organizations have hidden around the world in Secret Underground Bases or Similar Structures.
    Those are the only Spacecraft capable of sustaining us for an extended period of time, until the Bird Clap has run its course.
    The piloting of Such Crafts ought to be Easy, as only the Official Space Shuttles are made unnecessarily complicated to work only to keep the Masses ignorant of the easiness of Spaceflight. The only real Problem is to Locate and Infiltrate these Secret Installations, preferably undetected. One clue for locating an Installation is a common theme for many such Structures; the number 4, or “four”.
    Any building or location with the Number in its name deserves an inspection, but be Wary of Security!

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