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  1. t t

    Irving is an antisemitic Holocaust-denying asshole, but being an antisemitic Holocaust-denying asshole should not be punishable by three years in jail. Freedom of speech ought to apply to everyone — even to cranks, criminals, nutjobs, and racists. No topic should be taboo.

    To me, European laws prohibiting hate speech are fundamentally immoral.

    (FWIW, most of my friends had family members perish in the Holocaust. Yet I still defend anyone’s right to deny their murders.)

  2. I can see why Germany and Austria had those laws after WWII, but that was over sixty years ago. andin general, I agree with t.

    On the one hand it’s kind of viscerally nice to see Irving get it in the neck, but on the other it shouldn’t be happening, period. Especially right now, what with the Danish cartoons.

  3. Fred Seton Fred Seton

    Just wait til the EU decries descriptions of priests gorging themselves on meth and boyflesh while ejaculating Olympian ropes of curdled jizm on elderly vampire nuns inclined to beastiality as Hate Speech, Ellis!!!
    Then we’ll see who laughs last!

    Cum-toilet or not, 3 years imprisonment for horrid historical research and/or expressing an opinion is a bit much.
    Couldn’t they have just made him watch the Mind Of Mencia DVD box set?

  4. ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’

    – Voltaire (attributed)

    I wonder what Spider Jerusalem would have to say about all this.

  5. Hassan Hassan

    Antisemitic anal probe or not, 3 years for expressing a view (a rather misguided view) about history? I look forward to our future doom…

  6. Now if we could just get people to stop buying Ford Motor Company Products and IBM equipment as well.

  7. Josh Grummett Josh Grummett

    Almost precisely what you were craving a while back, Sir Ellis. Thought it might be of interest.

    Also, “the Holocaust of European Jewry” is perhaps the most awkward and unmarketable title for a historical event that I have ever seen. o.O

  8. Poor mr. Irving, going to jail for his beliefs, just like Michael Regener and Ian Stuart…
    (google them)

  9. Fernando Fernando

    I googled for Michael Regener and Ian Stuart; they appear to be a Neo-Nazi and a bridal designer. Good fucking riddance to both of them.

  10. I’ll defend this man’s right to free speech, but not his right to police protection.
    Spread your filthy bullshit around, don’t be surprised when large crowds castrate you and sell your withered genitalia to the Tibetans.

  11. Guess what? Free speech is not guaranteed throughout the Western world.

    My take is simply this: is it right that he go to prison for this? No. Is it FUNNY that he go to prison for this? YES.

    Therefore it is permissible.

    Carry on.

  12. […] Coming back to the subject of Free Speech, I found the comments on this post rather interesting. Especially in light of all the Danish Cartoon drama, one has to wonder, what place do limits on free speech have in our world? In Cory Doctorow’s Post-Scarcity Utopia Down and Out in The Magic Kingdom, he introduces a new economy based on “Whuffie“, a reputation-based currency. I find myself wandering in thought on to how Doctorow’s system (or something similar) would handle free-speech, particularly unpopular free-speech. […]

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