Pour Him Over Ice Cream For A Nice Parfait

February 19th, 2006 | people I know

Alasdair Watson’s report on a Gerard Coleman chocolate-tasting event is the best thing I’ve seen written about chocolate in ages, if not ever.

4 Responses to “Pour Him Over Ice Cream For A Nice Parfait”

  1. ::weeps tears of joy::

    THANK YOU for pointing this out! Sweet Elvis in his ’68 Comeback Special leathers, that is beautiful to read.

    Even Lexica, who can generally take or leave choco (heretic that she is) was reading this piece going “Ooohh…”

  2. I apreciate the article too. A little more insighton cocoa beans in welcome, especially now. I’m trying to get some confections made; Chocolate covered cocoa beans. Now I know more about the types.

  3. Finally someone puts the Belgians (their chocolate rather) in their place! Did you know that when Godiva wanted to expand into the American market they first brought their “premium” (it’s a relative term) products to a test market, and people didn’t like it. After that they tried selling their lowest quality wares and people bought in in droves. Shows that the masses are [unfortunately] used to swill.

  4. Well, everyone in the States likes milk chocolate (or facsimiles). Sad, really. I’d rather have a nice chunk of dark any day of the week. Why does cocoa need all that sugar to make it palitable?

    Also, consider the health benifits. If I get my hands on fresh cocoa beans….