Colleen Wants Your Danish Goodies

If you’re going to be at the New York comics convention February 24 -26, Colleen Doran, illustrator of ORBITER and creator of A DISTANT SOIL says:

For every person that brings a Danish Flag, button, or any product of Denmark, including a book or newspaper, I will give you a free head sketch and donate $1 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Don’t expect fancy sketches, it’s a short weekend.

You don’t have to give me your Danish trade goods, just show Denmark some love, and I’ll show you some love, by giving you a precious pearl of a doodle (no pictures of Mohammed, please – do not ask for the Legion of Superheroes, either), and I’ll put a tip in the CBLDF’s jar.

And yes, I know the difference between the Swedish flag and the Danish flag.

If you insist on giving me Danish chocolate, I won’t object.

7 thoughts on “Colleen Wants Your Danish Goodies”

  1. What will she do for you if you show up demonstrating solidarity with anyone in Europe facing criminal prosecution for… denying the existence of The Holocaust, breeching Europe’s many archaic and medieval libel & slander laws, reading allowed the names of dead British soldiers, etc?

  2. Is it just me or is this lady way too beautiful
    to be anywhere near the comic book industry?
    Please don’t do anything to alienate her or make her feel uncomfortable.
    You freaks

  3. “Slightly incoherent dick”? Well I can understand the ‘dick’ part but not the ‘Slightly incoherent’ part, let me explain – what it has to do with is universality, everyone is making a rather large deal about Europe’s grand history of free speech and ability to handle satirical cartoons and all that, but hold on a minute – a quick search of both contemporary events, recent and not so recent history will demonstrate rather the opposite in regards to Europe’s ‘grand’ free speech, such as the two specific examples I sighted as well as one rather more broader situation. So I think my question is more than coherent for all those making a big fuss about supporting Denmark.

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